Officials: Media Blackout By White House Was to Punish Netanyahu

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obama-netanyahuSenior US diplomatic sources have confirmed that the media blackout and shroud of secrecy surrounding Monday’s meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama was the result of strained relations between the two.Speaking to Israel’s Army Radio on Wednesday morning, one unnamed US diplomat said the Obama Administration had become unhappy with what is viewed as Netanyahu’s efforts to manipulate its policies during press briefings, and imposed the media blackout on Monday’s meeting as a means of bringing the Israeli leader back in line.

The official also accused Netanyahu of indirectly pressuring Obama via Jewish-American lobby groups.

A day earlier, another US official told the Wall Street Journal that Obama and his staff had been severely disappointed with what Netanyahu said or didn’t say during his meeting with the president.

“We had an idea that he might bring something out to push the [peace] process forward,” the official said. “But he’s kept it in his pocket.”

That dissatisfaction came just a little more than a week after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton openly praised Netanyahu for implementing “unprecedented” and even unnecessary concessions for the sake of restarting peace talks with the Palestinians.

It would seem Israeli gestures have a shelf-life of only about one week in Washington these days.

{Israel Today/Yair Israel}


  1. Obama (oh bah mah-Oh whats coming?) just wants to rule the world. He thinks he’s a big shot and everyone has to bow down to him. If they don’t then off with their head.

  2. it’s all a joke. they just want to put on a face for the arabs that they aren’t so close to Israel. but between you and me, they were discussing the bombing of iran

  3. Obama does not own the world but we all have to remember he is a Muslim so what ever happends he will always hate Israel. We need to get rid of the OIL

  4. “Gedolah Hassoras ha Tabaas…”
    Yiden have to daven that this Administration should do even less damage then this Amoleki from the Megillah.

  5. Senior U.S. diplomatic sources……etc. Since when is the U.S. involved in propoganda? Do any of us think that the secrecy was to punish Netanyahu as the headlines suggest? After all you are only punishing the media when you leave them out!
    In all likelihood, Netanyahu was apprising the president as to his plans on attacking Iraq’s nuclear facility. This makes more sense as to why the there was a blackout to the media.

  6. the bigest danger for Jews around the world isn’t
    Iran, Syria, Turkey, Russia, Spain, Hezbollah, Gaza, etc. …. Its Right here at this “homeland”.
    There are some many ways, to reenact Kristal Nacht, this time it will have nothing to do with storefront glass….

  7. “we all have to remember he is a Muslim so what ever happends he will always hate Israel”

    Um…. He’s Christian. Regardless, that’s racist and offensive.

    “Yiden have to daven that this Administration should do even less damage then this Amoleki from the Megillah.”


    “the only one that will be punished would be the obama the hater of the jews”

    Can you provide a support to that claim? It sounds like you’re projecting your hate of him back on yourself.

    Seriously people. Can we be more responsible with our posts here? You’re making the rest of us look bad with your false, illogical, racist, and unfounded comments. This is not how you should be acting. Grow up and have a mature conversation.

  8. As it says in Chazal……….

    Right before Moshiach comes, if the Yidden don’t do Teshuva, the Ribbono Shel Oilam will subject us to a terrible king who will force us, with his wicked actions, to do Teshuva………

  9. President Obama was “pressured” by anyone?!

    He is the president of the United States.

    Personally, I feel that he is not the evil person, but misguided. I also think that he
    is open to learning from his mistakes and can change his mind because of that. This is just a
    feeling, I am not convinced that this is true.
    We will see.

  10. however you say it he’s a jew hater and a muslim.the other day when he spoke at fort
    hood he called the murderer of those innocent
    marines a gunman not a terrorist even thou
    his last words were alla akba.


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