Officials Speak Out On Williamsburg “Knockout” Incident

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williamsburgBrooklyn, NY – Council Member Stephen Levin and Rabbi David Niederman are condemning the latest “knockout game” attack of a chassidishe man in Williamsburg on Sunday evening.

As reported, the 26 year old man was knocked down by a man and woman at 10:40 p.m. at Bedford Avenue and Taylor Street.

“I am thoroughly disgusted by this hateful attack,” said Council Member Stephen Levin. “Attacking innocent victims has no place in our great city, and to deter these acts from recurring in our neighborhoods we must increase police coverage. To the perpetrators of these disturbing and hateful acts: We will find you and you will go to jail. I want to thank the 90th Precinct and Shomrim for their efforts investigating this crime and their continued work to apprehend the man and woman responsible.”

Rabbi David Niederman, Executive Director of United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg said, “This is the second attack on a Jewish man in just over a week and it is time for increased police coverage. We will not tolerate these hateful acts to occur in our community. This is a peace-loving community and one that will stand together to make sure the perpetrators of this act are apprehended and brought to justice. Thank you to the NYPD and Shomrim for their tireless work and being great partners in protecting our communities.”

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  1. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to carry weapons. Tasers or similar things …. or more. These attacks are carried out by empty and evil reshoim who would not care if they kill. They don’t even contain any shame. Quite the opposite; they post videos online when possible.

    Agav, chazak ve’ematz Shomrim. Maybe more would volunteer now.

    Hashem ya’a’zor.

  2. they should pass a bill that a knockout punch is attempted murder. They the judge can really throw the book at anyone caught…


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