Officials Warn of Stomach Illness Outbreak in Boro Park


Officials are warning of an outbreak of a parasitic infection outbreak on Boro Park and Williamsburg that has sickened dozens of people.

A deputy health commissioner told Orthodox media outlets in a conference call Wednesday afternoon that there have been 43 cases of cryptosporidiosis, or crypto for sort, since the end of July. Crypto is a parasitic infection that can lead to one or two weeks of diarrhea, sometimes accompanied by stomachache and low-grade fever.

The official urged people in these neighborhoods to be vigilant about washing hands after using the bathroom and not going into public pools or a mikva with symptoms of the virus.

Asked why the disease was virtually unheard of until recently, the official said that this was the first time it was concentrated in a single community. He also said that lab testing is much more advanced than ever before.

(Boro Park 24 News)



  1. Surprised that the health officials are not forcing everyone to line up for the new Big Pharma vaccinations or be refused entry to school.

  2. They are working on a new vaccine against stomach virus. First there will be a majorly publicized outbreak for a few months, then there will be major anti-vaccine bashing and then…the great news that unvaccinated children will be expelled from school. Magazines will make good money with advertisements paid by NY health department, pharma will have some profit and…..they are already planning the outbreak for next year….there is a streptococcus vaccine on the table. By the way, the health department is still paying big money to the magazine to advertise vaccines since measles is spreading. My neighbor is a producer of a famous magazine and says health Dept ads are so profitable for them that it’s not worth replacing the offer with other ads. How impressive!

  3. Thank you Zlate 1 for excellent remark. But it’s misleading to refer to an antivaxer as “stupid”. “Evil and Dangerous “ is more accurate. Don’t think for a minute that they would change their tune if Chas vshalom their spreading disease would cause the ultimate tragedy. Some are stupid and mislead. Most are selfish and evil.

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