Ohio Will Allow Maskless Individuals To Vote

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An Ohio official announced Wednesday that voters won’t be turned away from polling places if they refuse to wear a mask, even with the state’s mask mandate amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose said during a press briefing that the state will encourage but not require people to wear face coverings to vote in person.

“If a voter chooses not to wear a mask, we’re going to offer them an alternative to maybe vote outside — curbside, which has been part of Ohio’s voting process for a long time,” LaRose said. “If they choose not to do that, of course nobody’s going to be turned away. Everyone will have access to the polling locations, but all voters should of course wear a mask as well.”

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    • If they stop the mask nonsense, there won’t be a problem going out to vote. Masks do NOT protect the wearer and NEITHER does it protect anyone standing next to him/her. Masks are ONLY to bring on the hype and to make people sick from lack of oxygen.

      • If masks don’t work, why are you so angry that I keep wearing them and that I keep staying away from infected people? YOU can mix with infected people, given that according to you corona does not exist and in any case can be cured with HCQ and Zinc, measles and rubella are healthy, the flu is such fun to get, ans so on. YOU go to the poll and vote for Trump, I will either vote remotely or not vote at all. I don’t care who wins the elections, assuming there will be elections.

  1. As NO law requires a specific type or particulate kind of mask, the safest masks for wearers are mesh masks or lace masks. MASKS ARE ALL ABOUT COMPLIANCE, NOT SAFETY since masks do not protect the wearers nor others, as the CDC admitted.

    • Why do you write “particulate”? The latter is a very specific word, pertaining to N95 and above, medical or industrial grade. They work quite well, by the way, but YOU can wear mesh and lace if so you wish.

  2. What will be here in Brooklyn? I plan on walking in to my polling place like I do everywhere else, without a worthless mask on. Will the City/Government employee’s discriminate against me and not allow me to vote? Will I be stripped of my voting rights?


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