OK Kosher Certification Holds 12th Annual Mashgiach Conference


don-yoel-levyLast Monday, Rosh Chodesh Kislev (November 8) OK Kosher Certification held its 12th annual Mashgiach Conference at the Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn, NY. Over 150 OK personnel and mashgichim were in attendance, including many from around the world. 

Highlights of the Conference

The OK honored two Mashgichim, Rabbi Yosef D. Chanowitz and Rabbi Shmuel Goldstein, both from Brooklyn. Both rabbis were chosen for their dedication to upholding the rigorous kashrus standards set forth by the OK and the sheer volume of work they do on behalf of the OK. The OK also honored RabbiYakov Perlov from the OK branch in Israel for his outstanding work on behalf of the OK.

Sabra Dipping Company was honored as well. Every year the OK features a company who is making strides in increasing their kosher offerings and works well with their mashgichim and rabbis. Sabra Dipping Company has grown from a small, heimish company to a large-scale producer of delicious salads and side dishes. Mr. Meiky Tollman (Executive VP of Sabra Dipping Company), Mr. Kalman Goodman (Manager) and Rabbi Mendy Weiss (Mashgiach) accepted the award on behalf of Sabra.

Rabbi Levy, Kashrus Administrator, opened the conference with words of Torah and chizuk. Attendees were also treated to an interesting lesson about genetically engineered foods, given by Rabbi Zushe Blech, a well-known author and kashrus expert; a presentation on kashrus and alcoholic beverages by Rabbi Ahron Haskel; an informative lecture on kashrus in Food Service by Rabbi Yitzchak Gornish; and, an motivational speech by Rabbi Eli Lando, Chief Customer Relations Officer at OK Ksoher.

The Conference ended with a lavish buffet lunch, catered by OK certified restaurant Q Cumber. The rabbis enjoyed the opportunity to mingle with friends and coworkers from across the globe and discuss questions or concerns with OK staff.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


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