Olam Chesed Spearheads Relief Efforts



Since the start of the current crisis, Olam Chesed has been at the forefront, providing a constant stream of relief to communities throughout the US.

Olam Chesed has been distributing basic home supplies to needy families, through mass distributions in various cities such as New Rochelle and Kiryas Yoel, to name a few.  Below is footage from the recent distribution at Yeshiva Shaarei Torah, Monsey.

Olam Chesed is supplying necessities to the Monsey Bikur Cholim to be distributed to Holocaust survivors and other elderly people who cannot get out.  They have been sending daily truckloads of masks, protective gear and sanitizing supplies to Hatzalah, chesed shel emes, and mikvaos throughout the country to enable them to continue their vital work. Kudos to the many volunteers who have made these distributions possible.

Please help Olam Chesed keep its operations going: https://worldofgiving.org/donate/

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