OLAM HAFUCH: Massachusetts College Student Asked To Remove Anti-Nazi Sign Over ‘Issues Of Inclusion’

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Administrators at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst asked a student to take down a sign that said Nazis “aren’t welcome here” over “issues of inclusion,” according to a Buzzfeed News report.

Nicole Parsons told the news website on Sunday that she put up the sign in her dorm window after someone drew a swastika on a “Happy Hannukah” sign earlier this month.


“I am asking that you or your roommate take the sign down so that all students can be part of an inclusive residential experience,” an email from the school reads.

“I was in absolute shock,” Parsons told Buzzfeed News. “This email tells me the university cares more about the feelings of Nazis than the safety of their students.”

The university in a statement posted on Facebook said the email was “poorly worded” but the real issue was a profanity included in the sign.

Though the school said Parsons could keep up her sign, she decided to take it down due to the attention it was recieving.

Read more at The Hill.



    • I suggest a sign “KKK you are welcome to join your Nazi brothers in our dorm” and then the Afro-American citizens will take care of the issue.


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