Old City Stabbing Victim Released From Hospital, Thanks Everyone For Their Tefillos


Gavriel Lavi, one of two Israelis wounded in a stabbing attack in the Old City last month, was discharged from Shaare Tzedek Medical Center on Wednesday.

Lavi was critically wounded in the May 31st terror attack in the Old City, during which a 19-year-old Palestinian Arab terrorist stabbed and wounded two Israelis before being shot and killed by Israeli security personnel.

“I realized that I was between life and death,” said Lavi Wednesday. “Thanks to the prayers from my friends in yeshiva, everything turned around for the best. All of the prayers gave me so much strength and helped me not despair because of my difficult situation.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. A Holy Talmid Of Rav Berland Shlita Of Shuvu Banim. It was in the Zchus of the Tefillos of the Chaveirim and the Holy Pidyon Nefesh to his Rav that Nissim happened to him.


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