Oldest Kollel in NYC’s Chinese Auction this Motzoei Shabbos

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golden-treasures-chinese-auctionKollel Ner Dovid is the Rabbinical Graduate Institute of the renowned Rabbinical Seminary of America – Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim. Talented young men go there from throughout the country to train and develop the skills necessary to serve Klal Yisrael with dedication, integrity and sincerity. The rigorous program is carefully designed to challenge and motivate students to strive ever higher on the ladder of personal, academic and ethical development.

Kollel Ner Dovid, named for the Torah giant, Harav Dovid Leibowitz zt”l, was organized in 1945 as the first Rabbinical Graduate Institute in New York City. Today, Kollel Ner Dovid ranks as one of the premier centers for advanced Talmudic research and rabbinic training. 90% of Kollel Ner Dovid graduates enter Jewish communal service. They serve with distinction as rabbis, teachers, and outreach workers in communities throughout Queens & Long Island, the U.S. and the world.

This Chinese Auction is the only fundraising event for the benefit of the Kollel.

A PDF of the Chinese Auction Booklet can be viewed at www.noblejewels.net/auction.

{Elisha Ferber/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Chinese auctions, raffles, lotteries or bingo – are they not just another form of gambling by another name? They create the problem of “asmachta lo kanya” which leads to a possible issur genayva v’gezel! The fact that the money goes to tzedakah does not vitiate the halachic problems. How is it that mosdos engage in this questionable behaviour?


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