Old School Discipline No More: Mom Arrested for Washing Kid’s Mouth With Soap

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soapA Florida woman and her husband were arrested Monday for child abuse after the couple went old school to punish their 8-year-old daughter for swearing. The Palm Bay couple washed her mouth out with soap.

We don’t know about you, but we would petition President Obama and Congress to make it mandatory for every parent to carry a bar of Irish Spring in their back pockets with all the profanity kids use today.

Police claim Adriyanna Herdener and Wilfredo Rivera went too far by placing a bar of soap in the girl’s mouth and letting it stay for 10 minutes. Herdener did not intervene in the discipline.

The girl eventually vomited and Rivera took her to the local hospital, where hospital staff called police.

No one wants a child to be hurt or inhumanely punished, but parents’ discipline choices in this country have come down to calling Dr. Phil or hiding the joysticks to the Wii.

Next time your kid has a potty mouth, just give them some gum.

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  1. While USA has gone overboard in it’s child abuse cases, doesn’t 10 minutes of soap in the mouth seem a little extreme?

  2. this is child abuse . 10 minutes of soap? have u even tasted .10 seconds? its terrible. child abuse should not be tolerated – the kid could become poised from all the junk they put in sopas htese days rachomalitzlan

  3. its not a bad idea I own a soap company im in talks with the vaad for kasruth for kosher certification we are in tough negotiations but one organazation wants 20,000 a year the other only 50000 so we will see if it is it approved by the vaad of kasruth

  4. One mc donalds trip has much more junk

    as to taking away the Joy stick, a 17 year old was aquitted in Ohio after shooting and killing his parents RL, since they took his video etc. game until he did a household chore

    so long we have health care, all is good. SAD

  5. It seems the parents were arrested for excessive punishment that actually harmed the child. I guess it goes to show- if you’re going to use this punishment, just make sure you use a safe soap, and that you don’t use too much of it.

  6. Mr. koo koo:

    Your comment is right on! Yes, even one Mar’s brand candy bar or one Lay’s (very little actual) Potato (in there) Chip or any of this what they call “junk (so-called) food” that people constantly eat has a lot more poisons than a bar of soap.

    ” . . . a 17 year old was aquitted in Ohio after shooting and killing his parents . . . ” — while — “A Florida woman and her husband were arrested Monday . . . after the couple went old school to punish their 8-year-old daughter . . . ”

    There is no question about it. Very tragically, our modern (so-called) enlightened society has become a massive wicked city of S’dom!

  7. I think we can start with puting a bar of soap in Obama and Bidens mouth they talk dirty all the time. I saw an whole artical about it.

  8. There is no excuse and zero tolerance of abuse of any type. Even if many of your school friends had it done to them, it is still wrong. It is horrifying to see “frum” Jews condoning any type of abuse.

  9. While i don’t think this is abuse i think that these parents could use some training. 10 minutes is very excessive. Also why did they take her to the hospital for vomitting. What did they think she would do after having soap in her mouth for 10 minutes? As i said they need lots of training

  10. Where did this girl learn to swear? It isn’t an inborn instinct – you have to learn the words and how to do it. Could it be that her parents aren’t the most eidel people? If your child uses bad language, maybe stop and listen to yourself. I didn’t use bad language as a child because I never heard it from my parents. They simply told me that using bad language means that your vocabulary is too limited – so get educated. I don’t ever remember hearing my parents swear or even use coarse language. Example is the best teacher….

  11. The parents sole intention was to discipline their daughter; they had no intention to, Chas V’Shalom, injure her or abuse her. That she reacted so violently was a total accident that they had no way of knowing about.

    If the hospital really wants to be helpful, they should explain to the parents (and really to all parents) to (in general) only use non-toxic completely natural soap that is sold in a good health food store, and when doing a “soap-in-mouth” punishment, do it for only less than a minute.

  12. To #12,While most of the time kids imitate their parents, parents aren’t the only ones kids are around,sometimes they hear bus drivers,someone on the street, or someone in his class that talks like that. The kid often then experiments with the word, even sometimes continuing based on the reaction he may get. And some kids just don’t respond to a logical explanation as you have suggested.

  13. Irish springs was my dad’s choice soap punishment i was to take a bite off the bar and hold it in my mouth till he said spit it out. I did not consider that to be abuse to me still do not.


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