One-Third of Parents Plan to Keep Kids at Home Even If Schools Reopen

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Thirty-one percent of parents are likely to keep their child home this fall even if schools open for teaching in the building, while 49% said they would probably or definitely send their child to school, according to a paper published in JAMA Pediatrics over the weekend.

“Schools need to act soon to allay parental concerns and provide options for what will be available for them should they opt to keep their child home,” the authors write. “Policy makers need to ensure that there are adequate resources provided to schools to meet parental expectations regarding personal protective equipment, social distancing, symptom checking, and other steps recommended by … the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

The authors of the study also noted that “Structural barriers, such as lack of workplace flexibility [for parents] and potential school-level inequities in implementation of preventive measures, must be acknowledged and addressed where possible.”

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  1. DEFINITELY keep your children home if it means being vaccinatןמע with the new dangerous Covid Vaccine before sending your child to school.


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