One Year Since Mumbai Massacre: Close to 500 Babies Named Gabi, Rivky

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holtzbergAlmost 500 newborn boys and girls have  named during this past year after Rabbi Gavriel (Gabi) and Rivky Holtzberg Hy”d, Reb Gavriel’s father says.

A new website will be established in the coming week to unite all the organizations and initiatives in memory of Rabbi and Mrs. Holtzberg. The website will also include the close to 500 newborn boys and girls named after Reb Gavriel Noach and Rivky.

“We will help all these children,” Rabbi Nachman Holtzberg, Gavriel’s father from Crown Heights, said.

In an extensive effort in January 2009, the COLlive site found 17 parents who named their newborns Gavriel, Noach and Rivka.

“Their memory lives,” one of the mothers, Malki Citron from Atlanta said.

Rabbi Holtzberg said close to 225 boys were named after his son and an equivalent amount after his daughter-in-law, both murdered in last year’s terror attack at their Chabad House in India.

The Holtzberg and Rosenberg families will be giving gifts to these children, and may even assist with school tution in the future.

“I want to bless all the families who named after our children with all the blessings, and may they have Chassidishe nachas.”

“We know of 11 kindergardens built in their name, 12 new Torahs, 6 mikvahs, 5 other institutions, and another 6 on their way.”

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