Online Jihad: Palestinian Hacker Breaks Into Zuckerberg’s Facebook Account

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mark-zuckerbergA Palestinian computer hacker has broken into Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg’s account and posted a message on his homepage to show how the site’s security is deficient, after the company’s security team snubbed his efforts to report the problem.

The man, who goes by the name “Khalil,” said¬†on his blog that he submitted several reports to Facebook’s “white hat” team about a site vulnerability that allowed him to post on anybody’s wall, despite their security settings,¬†reports Gizmodo. Read more at Newsmax.

{ Newscenter}


  1. But the Palestinian people are peaceful people! It must have s despicable Israeli killer of women and children who did it and posed with the Khalil to frame the upscale Palestinian s and make a bad name for the whole population.

  2. This was not a hacker – it was someone trying to report a security flaw vulnerability, of which they ignored, so to prove his point, he used the flaw he found to post a message on Mark Zuckerbergs wall.

  3. The title referencing “jihad” is pure racist and one that feeds on the implication that this is somehow connected to terrorism. it wasnt.

  4. I believe Matzav should take down this article as it was clearly written by someone uninterested in facts and only interested in taking shots at the P’leeshtim. There are plenty of reasons to dislike and be disgusted by actions of P’leeshtim. This one is not one of them as all he did was expose a flaw in code, not “break into” Zuckerberg’s account. A big difference.

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