Only 14 Candidates Qualify For Second Round Of Debates

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The second Democratic primary debate is on July 30 — but some candidates are at risk of not meeting the thresholds for support and donations to qualify for the party’s debates.

Here is a rundown of how candidates can qualify for the first two debates, and who has qualified so far:

To qualify for the first two debates, candidates have to fulfill one of two criteria: either get 65,000 donors to their campaigns, with at least 200 donors in 20 different states, or obtain at least 1 percent in three polls recognized as legitimate by the committee. If more than 20 candidates qualify for the debate, the DNC has said it will choose participants with “a methodology that gives primacy to candidates meeting both thresholds, followed by the highest polling average, followed by the most unique donors.”

Several of the most high profile candidates have met both the donation and polling thresholds.

Joe Biden
Cory Booker
Pete Buttigieg
Julián Castro
Tulsi Gabbard
Kirsten Gillibrand
Kamala Harris
Jay Inslee
Amy Klobuchar
Beto O’Rourke
Bernie Sanders
Elizabeth Warren
Marianne Willamson
Andrew Yang

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  1. More fake news. This is the DNC controlled media’s choices of who they currently like. This had nothing to do fundraising capabilities. The DNC controlled media dumped Bill DeBlasio because he defended his Jewish constituents against AOC’s reckless holocaust comments. So much for free and fair elections. The Democrat party is corrupt thru and thru. The voters are lie’d to and screwed every single time. Hillary Clinton was the perfect example. Most of the democrat voters HATED her, but too bad, the media anointed her as their goddess.

  2. Only 14 Candidates Qualify For Second Round Of Debates

    The headline is incorrect. Only 14 Candidates met BOTH of the qualifications to be in the second debate but you only need one qualification to be in the debate.

    Some of those who only met one qualification may face trouble because the DNC will not allow more than twenty participants in the debates

  3. With thousands of political criminals arrested weekly and indeed not seen in public, like the real Joe Biden, I wonder if there’ll be more than a handful at the 2nd debate.


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