Only A Few Rooms Remaining For Rabbi Paysach Krohn’s Tefillah and Chizuk Trip to Poland – NEXT WEEK

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Ever since it was announced over a month ago, the response to Rabbi Paysach Krohn’s Tefillah and Chizuk Trip to Poland has been overwhelming. Rabbi Paysach Krohn’s Tefillah and Chizuk trip is a historic, once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the powerful impact of pre-war Poland; an experience sure to change our entire outlook on the Holocaust and on life, while having the opportunity to daven at such Mekomos Hakdoshim. Rabbi Krohn’s Tefillah and Chizuk Trip to Poland will take place Thanksgiving Week from November 19th till November 23rd (Sunday night to Thursday morning). The trip will include visits to such hallowed ground as Lublin, Auschwitz, old Krakow and more. Additionally, Rabbi Paysach Krohn will visit the resting places of such Torah leaders as the Noam Elimelech, the Sfas Emes, Reb Chaim of Brisk and many others.

Besides for the spiritually uplifting aspect of the trip, Rabbi Paysach Krohn’s trips are legendary for the way the guest is treated. From high ranking, top of the line hotels to their raved about gourmet meals, the Chizuk trip will surely be a memorable milestone in your lifetime, if you are fortunate to attend.

As the “maggid of our generation” Rabbi Paysach Krohn is an expert on the history of the war and his inimitable way of interweaving history and story leaves the guests with a lifetime of inspiration and chizzuk.

Due to the overwhelming response, additional rooms have been made available. To reserve one of the final few spots please call  845-570-1943
or email [email protected]