Only select rooms left at the Project Inspire 2020 Convention



Going, Going, Gone!

One week and change.

By now, there are only a handful of rooms available for what has become the most highly anticipated weekend in the Jewish world—the Project Inspire 2020 convention. As in the past, it will unite over a thousand people, treating them to an unforgettable experience for both body and soul.

As in past years, the ‘buzz’ about the convention began early, with many of the rooms sold out even before the program was initially advertised. After all, if the past decade of success is any indication, Project Inspire has very large shoes to fill!

There’s just something about a Project Inspire Shabbos that makes it unique, appealing to so many people from different communities and backgrounds, speaking the language of the soul.

What makes Project Inspire Conventions so special? Let us count the ways:

Perhaps it’s the quality of their world-renowned speakers, flown in from across the globe, to keep us entertained, inspired, and pumped all weekend, stirring hopes and prayers and goals long dormant within.

They include Rav Shmuel Dishon, Rav Nissin Kaplan; Rav Moshe Weinberger; Rav Shmuel Silber; Rav Yitzchok Feldheim, and the king of wit, Rav Gav.  The famous Rebetzin Tziporah Heller of Neve, joined by Mrs. Jackie Bitton and Rebetzin Myrna Weinberger, will keep the women satiated with ruach and inspiration, and of course lots of laughter, wisdom and wit all Shabbos.

Then there’s the unique Motzoei Shabbos program, which provides delightful surprises and unexpected twists that never fail to amaze us, time and again. This year, the famous Diaspora Band, including Avraham Rosenblum, Menachem Heman, Moshe Shur and Ruby Harris will reunite after many decades. They will treat the Project Inspire attendees to a walk down memory lane, singing “Oldies but Goodies” with a touch of nostalgia on the side. The one and only Shlomo Simcha will provide the ruach and lead the spirited davening as only he can.

This year, Project Inspire’s unique teen program, geared especially for teenagers, with programming, lectures and fun activities especially for them, is sure to be a hit.

Project Inspire. One of the most highly anticipated weekends of the year.

It’s an opportunity to spend time with family and friends, to meet fascinating individuals from all walks of life who have so much to share. It’s a relaxing, yet incredibly fulfilling experience at the same time.

And most importantly, it gives us the tools to reach out of our comfort zone, to extend a hand to our brothers and sisters, inviting them into our homes and hearts.

At Project Inspire, we learn how to see with our eyes open, to put our differences aside and focus on our strengths. While we might not be kiruv experts, we quickly learn that we can make a pivotal difference. We can smile. We can be friendly, ask about our neighbor’s and co-workers welfare. We can make small talk, invite them to our homes for a Shabbos meal, offer to bring them mishloach manos or a Chanukah menorah. We can offer to study on the phone, or find them someone who can. But most importantly, we can treat others with warmth and acceptance, the way our brothers and sisters deserve to be treated.

Project Inspire. We’ve got tough shoes to fill. So don’t delay, visit and perhaps there still is a room available for you.


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