OOPS: Iranian Spies Accidentally Leaked Videos of Themselves Hacking 

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Researchers at IBM’s X-Force security team have revealed that they’ve obtained five hours of video footage from hackers working for ITG18, one of the most active state-sponsored espionage teams linked to the government of Iran.

The videos appear to be training demonstrations made to show junior team members how to access compromised Gmail and Yahoo Mail accounts to download their contents, as well as exfiltrating other Google-hosted data from victims.

The videos represent a rare, first-hand view of state-sponsored cyberspying. Victims included U.S. military personnel and State Department staff. “This kind of thing is a rare win for the defenders,” said former NSA staffer Emily Crose. “It’s like playing poker and having your opponents lay their entire hand out flat on the table in the middle of the last” hand. (Andy Greenberg- Wired)



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