Oops: Michelle Obama Accidentally Tweeted a Former White House Staffer’s Phone Number


Former first lady Michelle Obama accidentally tweeted out a former White House staff member’s phone number.

A tweet featuring just a number with a Ladue, Mo. area code belonging to videographer Duncan Wolfe was quickly deleted, according to the New York Times. An official told the Times that the phone number was posted as “an accident.”

The number is still working, though the mailbox is full. The same phone number is also listed on Wolfe’s personal website, which says that Wolfe worked as an intern at the White House.

According to the Chicago native’s LinkedIn profile, Wolfe also works for ONE at Optimus, a production company based in Chicago.

Obama’s 7.67 million Twitter followers now have her number(314-914-6093, if you must know). Red more at Time.



  1. Michelle was never the sharpest knife in the drawer. All her whole wheat bread didn’t help her thinking.


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