Oorah Extends It’s Deadline To Get Shmorg 4 Free

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shmorgProcrastinators, this one’s for you. Out of the goodness of their hearts, Oorah is extending the deadline for their incredible offer to get the Shmorg 4 with a $36 minimum donation to Oorah’s Auction. Originally only valid until Rosh Chodesh Nissan, the closing date for this offer is now April 3. (For real this time!) After that, the Shmorg 4 will be given only to donors of $72 or more.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own Shmorg 4, an exciting double DVD set offered only through Oorah. The latest in Oorah’s popular Shmorg series, Shmorg 4 includes a perfect mix of features to please everyone.

Viewers will be enthralled by The Dancing Bear, a dramatic reenactment of a true story that took place in the time of the Shpuley Zaide. They’ll find their feet tapping to 8th Day’s catchy “It’s Shabbos Now.” They’re sure to enjoy “Don’t Take Kids to a Store,” beloved to fans of The Marvelous Middos Machine everywhere, and “The Place Where I Belong,” an exclusive production of the Abie Rotenberg classic.

Shlomo Hadarshan keeps viewers in stitches with his impersonations of famous characters from Shlomo Carlebach to Barack Obama. Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky amuses as he inspires. And of course, Fiveish returns, starring in the premiere of Fiveish and Friends, an educational children’s show, and inFiveish Live.

Donate now to have this donor-exclusive album of over six hours of entertainment delivered to your doorstep. Remember- after April 3rd, Shmorg 4 is only available to donors of at least $72, so don’t delay. Order today.

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  1. So long as you insist on running that obnoxious head-shaking ad (on the right hand column of this page) I won’t buy it. And I hope that thousands of others feel the same way. The ad is all the more obnoxious by appearing right next to the horrifying news stories of the day. While I’m welled up with tears reading about the funerals of the Toulouse Kedoshim, out of the corner of my eye, the flailing of this poor yid made to look like a fool. It is so inappropriate, given the tenor of the news at this time.

  2. To #7

    Shua its not Matzav’s fault that you are part of a small demographic that has no taste in humor! How about you jsut do not use this website anymore, and get a different news source that is frum and kosher. Oh wait! Such a thing does not exist! Will you sacrifice your Shmiras Enayim because you have a little “tic” when it comes to an ad for a well-known organization.

  3. To Shmaltz (commenter no. 11) who wrote: “…you are part of a small demographic that has no taste in humor!”

    Small demographic??? Sorry. When the ad in question first appeared the OVERWHELMING reaction by Matzav readers was NEGATIVE!!!. Even the fellow who appears in the ad wrote in to say that he was not consulted by Oorah before they used his image in this demeaning manner and requested that the ad be removed. (Since it’s still up, I assume that his contract included a general release, and so he has no legal recourse). Look…sometimes advertising backfires…and sometimes it backfires VERY BADLY. This ad sure has.

    And by the way, my taste in humor is just fine, thank you. Perhaps it’s a tad more refined than your own, and so more respectful of Tzelem Elokim.


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