Oorah Presents: The Shmorg 8

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-Communicated- This year’s Shmorg is better than ever! The Shmorg is an Oorah Auction donor-exclusive collection of entertainment. Get sneak peek and watch the trailer below for a sampler of what raving fans have already watched and love. There are so many colorful characters on this year’s Shmorg, meet them all!

Starring, of course, Fiveish, everyone’s favorite five dollar bill, whose uproarious jokes will make you laugh all through his kosher standup comedy. Meet Avrumi of “Yay Bubby Zeidy,” who learns to see the good in every situation, and Barak from The Challenge, who takes on a bet from his friends that leads him to something he never would have dreamed happen. There are the 3D animated characters and the evil doctor in Bring Happy Back, the tigers in the wild in The Living Torah World, the NYBC and Benny Amar in Oorah’s Chanukah concert… and that’s not even all!

There’s more to meet, from Rabbi Chaim Mintz and Rabbi Finkelman of Oorah, to the characters in #BTmoments who retell the sometimes funny, sometimes awkward, but always surprising moments on their journeys to Yiddishkeit.

With over 4 hours of entertainment, your entire family is sure to enjoy getting to know these characters and many more on the Shmorg 8.

Now on DVD or USB. Get yours today! Free with your $50 donation to the Oorah Auction.

Watch our trailer at oorahauction.org/shmorg.





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