Oorah Releases Abie Rotenberg’s “Don’t Take Kids to a Store” Video

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dont-take-kids-to-store-oorah[Video below.] Are you shaking with fear just thinking about taking your kids shopping for afikomen presents? How will your children behave at the toy store this Chol Hamoed Pesach?

See one family’s hysterical trip to the toy store in Oorah’s timely new release, “Don’t Take Kids to a Store!” Abie Rotenberg’s Marvelous Midos Machine classic is brought to life in this exciting production. It’s just one segment of the 6 hour-long donor-exclusive Shmorg 4, just out but already receiving rave reviews.

With a full week of Chol Hamoed this year, parents are especially anxious to get their hands on this fabulous package of kosher entertainment, jam-packed with humor and inspiration for the entire family. The only way to get Shmorg 4 is by donating to Oorah’s Auction. The only way to get it by Chol Hamoed Pesach is by donating before April 3rd. Don’t be the only one to miss it! Donate now to have Shmorg 4 in your DVD player on Chol Hamoed.

Click below to watch:

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  1. There is NO ONE that can be compared to the creative, awesome, relevant musical genius known as Abbie Rotenberg and his amazing crew of musicians (& family members).

    We grew up with Marvelous Midos song in the late 80’s N 90s. Nothing else hit the spot with American frum kids as his songs. May hashem continue to bless you B’KOL.

  2. How ironic.
    Oorah puts out a video to teach kids not to be greedy and “want more and more”. One should be satisfied with what he has.
    The thing is, the WHOLE POINT of the Oorah “shmorg” is to entice people to “want more and more” prizes, all highlighted by Fiveish the dancing dollar bill (for a good cause, of course.) If people were satisfied with what they had, it would obviate the need for a Chinese Auction.


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