Op-Ed: New York to Observant Jews, Drop Dead and Pay Taxes

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By Yosef Chaim Brook

The observant Jewish community is no longer welcome in New York. Our way of life is being trampled on, our needs are dismissed with ease, our vote is irrelevant and cannot change a thing.

We are being mocked, humiliated, and relegated to third-class status with shockingly cocky dismissiveness by politicians who are often invited to our Synagogues and claim to be sworn friends of the Jewish people.

I’m only 40, born, and bred in Brooklyn and I can still remember feeling like New York was for all practical purposes a Jewish city.

After all our community makes up a substantial portion of the city’s population. We are politically connected, with friends in high places who can get whatever is needed “done”.

We are responsible for so much of New York’s economy, and make up an important part of its tax base. We believed we had the respect and consideration of city and State government, since they understand and appreciate our contribution to their city and state.

That’s what most of us thought.

Then came Corona and everything about New York we believed to be true, turned out to be false.

We learned that not only do we not have a special status in New York but in fact we don’t even have equal status to other residents. As a matter of fact, we have no status, unless you consider taxation without representation a status.

You see in the name of public health New York officials told us that:

Our Synagogues must be completely shuttered until such time that the “Public Health Experts” decide they can reopen, which could be at any time or at no time. This was strictly enforced by NYPD who were very scrupulous at kicking people out of Synagogues if GOD forbid they found one in operation.

We were not allowed to pay final respects to our beloved parents and grandparents who passed away. We were told we couldn’t hold any funerals. If you dared try and hold a funeral even if it was outside, even with the most extreme social distancing you had police cars follow you around shouting at you to disperse.

We were told we cannot visit our parents or grandparents in the hospital. We now know that this meant leaving many of them to die at the hands of careless or overwhelmed nursing staff.

We were told our small and medium-sized businesses needed to remain shuttered until the time that the “Public Health Experts” decide they can reopen, which could be at any time or at no time; While big box stores were allowed to remain open. As of this writing THEY ARE STILL CLOSED. If any of us dared to roll up the gate of their store more than a few inches they are handed a fine to the tune of thousands of dollars to make up for all the lost revenue the city has endured due to lack of parking tickets.

As law abiding Tax paying responsible citizens of this city and state, we sat through all of this quietly. In our hearts, we knew it was wrong, at least some of it. We knew it was a gross overreaction. We knew these draconian limitations on life were extended well beyond what was necessary and supported by science. But we also understood that our city and state are run by Progressive Democrats and that comes with a price, so we sucked it up and remained quiet.

But then came the George Floyd protests.

All of a sudden:

Public Health was out the window.

Social Distancing, nonexistent.

Only small crowds under ten people, non-applicable.

Stores must remain closed, unless your looting, in which case stores are wide open.

To add insult to injury the very same Public Health Officials who made up all those rules, and the city and state officials who made sure they were strictly enforced against our communities and businesses, had an overnight change of heart and seemingly a change in the science, facts and data.

What was unacceptable for the Jews ie communal prayer and funerals for starters, was perfectly fine and encouraged for George Floyd protests.

One NYC Public health official even went as far as saying that should there be an increase in Covid infections after the protests it can only be blamed on racism and not on the lack of social distancing exhibited by protesters.

I must have missed it when the same official said that should there be a COVID outbreak as a result of large crowds at a Hasidic funeral it can only be blamed on antisemitism.

You see when it came to the Jews the Mayor had harsh words: “My message to the Jewish community and all communities ( I wonder who he meant by “all communities” because we never merited to see enforcement of this kind against ALL communities, but I digress) is this simple, the time for warnings has passed”. Ooh what a tough guy this mayor is, against Hassidic Jews at a funeral, again, I must have just missed it when he stated the time for warnings has passed to the looters.

Then just to twist the dagger a little more, we all saw the images of nurses dressed up in their PPE’s walking out of a Manhattan hospital entrance to clap for the protesters and support them.

When an Orthodox journalist confronted the Mayor on his hypocrisy and double standard when examining his treatment of the Jewish community, its sensibilities and needs, vs the George Floyd protesters, he didn’t even flinch. He went on a rant explaining to the reporter that 400 years of slavery simply overrule any and all other considerations, Science, Public Health, facts, data, equality under the law, first amendment rights aside. But if those Jews put a Minyan or funeral together, all will break loose, The time for warnings has passed.

As a side note last week, long after the George Floyd protests were in full swing, those rebellious Jews in Williamsburg had more than ten children at once at a public playground. They forgot their George Floyd protest signs at home, so guess what happened, I won’t keep you in suspense, yep NYPD cleared them out.

As looters were looting and destroying store after store in New York City with no one there to stop them, it became clear why there were no cops available for that task.

You see, they were too busy handing out fines to Jewish store owners in Brooklyn who were guilty of the crime of trying to conduct business to feed their families and serve their customers. Who wants to fight off looters and protesters when you can hand out fines to docile Jewish Business owners.

Then came the latest decree from Emperor Cuomo, Thou shalt not have any sleep-away camps this year. Why not? because I said so.
“But you allowed George Floyd protests with tens of thousands of people to d what they pleased” Sorry, the answer is no because we just don’t know. Maybe burn a few buildings and we’ll talk then.

So now after three and a half miserable months, locked in our homes in the most miserable city on earth, our kids’ summer plans for the next two months get trashed as well.

So how does it feel to be a proud New Yorker today?

How good does will feel to don those dumb baseball caps that say I love NY when we go on vacation next time?

This city and state are the heart of Jewish life in America right?

You know the city Jesse Jackson “lovingly” called Haimytown.

We are supposedly smart people so let’s pause and think for a moment.

What exactly do we get out of living here?

We have to fund our own Ambulances and first responders because city ambulances arrive long after the pronunciation of death.

We have to fund our own community security organizations because NYPD is simply not enough to keep our communities safe.

We have to self-fund all of our schools because religious Jews have no right to expect that their children’s education is paid for like any other resident in the city.

If we live in certain neighborhoods we have a big fat target on our backs and need to be ready for a random physical attack at any moment of the day or night.

We drive on pothole riddled streets at 1 mile an hour and getting slower with each passing year.

For all these and many more delightful amenities we are also privileged with paying some of the highest taxes in the country.

For people that are supposedly smart this all seems very very dumb.

Oh I forgot there is one thing we do get and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it. We get an extra Garbage pickup in our neighborhoods on Erev Pesach so I don’t want to come off as being ungrateful for not mentioning something so important. Come on, that’s got to be worth a few billion dollars in taxes, no?

This city is a dump. They call it “The Big Apple”, The City That Never Sleeps. It ought to be called the big pothole or the city whose rats never sleep.

Why do we still live here? why are we proud New Yorkers we shouldn’t live here and we have nothing to be proud of.

We’ve all heard the word defund thrown around lately which got me thinking.

#DefundNY has a good ring to it.

Let’s pack ourselves and our businesses up and Jexit NY as soon as possible. We can move any place in America where entrepreneurs are appreciated and religious freedom is celebrated.

I don’t know maybe some exotic place like Florida or Texas. Let’s domicile our businesses and residences in those states and bring all our tax revenues along.

Can we please stop being the losers of New York? For some reason our vote at the ballot box will always gets diluted by other communities so we ave zero impact when voting at the city and state level. But the one that can be impact-full is voting with our feet. Let’s get  out of here and pay taxes elsewhere. Let’s help match New York’s Budgetary deficit to New York’s Streets, holes everywhere.

Even if we won’t receive any appreciation or notice in our new adopted states at least we won’t be trampled on as we currently are in the big rotten apple.

As you slam the door behind you on the way out I have just one favor to ask. Can we all please register our kids to public school for the upcoming school year. Wouldn’t it be cool to watch the city and State of NY figure out where to educate 100 thousand children overnight?

Maybe NY can raise some funds for this new unexpected expense from George Floyd protesters since they are the only ones allowed to conduct business in this city these days.

I’m feeling a slogan that goes something like “no schooling no peace” as we board jet blue to FLL or MCO. thoughts?


  1. Today’s US Supreme Court ruling threatens our ability to live the Torah way in this decadent society. That’s not only a NY problem. Watch for its fallout near you, anywhere. This points to a collapse of effective shtadlonus.

    • The ruling is surprising but all it did was to extend what has been the law in NY since 2002 to the rest of the US. 22 other states have laws similar to NY and most have frum communities that are doing fine.

  2. some truth yet off on so many points. start with a few
    1.the shul closings were done BY OUR OWN way before the mayor enforced .
    2. many mosdos closed BEFORE the mayor or torah umesorah…
    3. most levayos were called in to 311 by OUR OWN
    4. yidden enjoy numerous benefits that would be unheard of in other states …
    5. cuomo- although i too am upset about camp & wanted the economy to open way faster… cuomo and the yidden are still good friends
    6. lastly all these hardships are gezeiros min hashomayim i wish we had a navi to tell us al mah zeh … short of living in eretz hakodesh where would you like to move to

  3. When I started reading the editorial I thought it was written in poor taste. But he hooked me and makes excellent points. Halevai we would realize that YES WE CAN pick up and move. I mean we’d run into problems in the next state (Texas, Fla etc) no one will want us (Not bec we are bad, chas v’shalom, but because we believe it’s ratzon Hashem that we don’t get too comfy in galus era).
    But hey, at least we’d be in better climate, lower taxes, and might buy a few decades of peace.
    I love the vision the writer presents of us all leaving (WILLINGLY) this crummy state (though a modicum of hakarat hatov is necessary)
    It’s really time to leave this place. We are not appreciated and it’s just not a healthy atmosphere for us and more importantly for our precious future generations. Baruch Hashem we can lose ourselves in Torah learning and growth, but the liberalism that exists is repulsive and yes, sorry to say it, liberalism is practically synonymous with anti-semitism. Doesn’t matter why, but it just is and every 10 year old knows that liberalism is growing exponentially and taking over this country, but particularly this state.
    Farewell NY, it’s been a real trip. You’ve been somewhat good to us, but as depicted in the closing scene in Fiddler on the Roof, time to pack up and journey elsewhere. BeH we’ll meet up in the holy land.
    “Wherever I go, I’m heading to Jerusalem” -Rabbi Nachman of Breslau

  4. How can we be so blind! Hashem is sending us LOUD messages to pack up and come to Eretz YIsroel not Medinas yisroel !
    This stabbing to a miyuchas eineckle of reb Moshe Blau who was a leader of the old yishuv and faught for separation from the Minim ,also a is Maggid Shiur ,is a clear sign that the protection of the ‘Schina’ is no longer in Chutz laretz ! This story Together with one thousand korbanos of covid/murder! in USA !and the Jersey city stabbings and the monsey Forshay stabbing !and the Howard drive monsey stabbing !and the NYC crashes of hazala trucks !
    And the boarding up of Manhattan stores ! The loss of parnosah! What are we waiting for????? closure of Camps
    The message is screaming loud and clear do teshuva and pack up your luxury houses board them up and make Arrangements to be Ready to be accepted ! by Moshiach!(maybe?)Please get this message out send it to ten people or tell it to ten people today for a zchus. And a yeshuah

  5. Make Aliya. Jews overwhelmingly voted Democrat and here’s the price we pay.
    If Biden wins, and Democrats win the House and Senate then this country is done for , both Jews and non Jews alike.
    They have no place to run and they won’t go down without a revolt.. You have an option but you’re not in the least interested.

  6. Thank you. Very well put. Unfortunately our Frum elected politicians, whose salary WE pay, are petrified of their own shadow and don’t represent their constituents. They only parrot what their Democrat leaders in Albany and City Hall spew forth. Stop with the Chassidishe garb and Yeshivishkeit. That’s not what we hired you for! We hired you to represent OUR interests!

  7. Maybe Hashem is sending us the message that New York City is NOT our city. This is galus and we’re not supposed to feel so comfortable here. Now we see clearly: Eisav despises Yaakov. They always did but we didn’t want to see it. Now we are witnessing it in plain site. Two “Roman” officials – Cuomo and De Blasio – both hopelessly incompetent and both strictly politically motivated. Hashem is moving world events at warped speed and we need to adapt by changing our ingrained attitudes. We need to be flexible and willing to move out of the comfort zone. NYC is not our comfort zone! Eisav Cuomo and Eisav De Blasio never liked us and now these “wolves in sheep’s clothing” are transparent.

  8. i wonder how long it will take before someone realizes that this country is named ‘america’ after a white man! how long will it take before USA stands for united states of anarchy?

  9. Move out of town to any state run by a Republican Governor. If you live in New York or Nee Jersey, you have only yourself to blame. De Blasio has been Mayor for 7 years and you still live there and many of these problems have existed for a long time. For your own quality of life and for your children’s sake, move to any number of beautiful welcoming communities in the US where your kids can get into the Frum school of your choice, no congestion, reasonable housing, breathable air, low cost of living, and so much more. Hatzlacha!

  10. Israel as well is run by a vicious anti Torah Supreme Court. Here is what we need to do. There is no need to move.
    We have too much invested here with yeshivas and shuls.
    Step one every parent or student 18 plus must register to vote.
    We have enough religious Jews to get rid of these democRATs.
    Step two register all our Yeshiva students in public schools and let’s see them build new schools.
    Step three. You must change the citizens in this city. We need to replace all the violent type svartzes with quiet Asians. At this point we have over a million Asians in nyc. They never hurt Jews. Get them to come from California and other places.
    Step four we must be mekariv the tons of secular young lost Jews. They are looting with the black lives matter gang. I have spoken to some. They need Torah. We must expand and get these reform jews to think normal.
    Step five. We must attempt to get legal firearms. Even just for our homes in case a real battle breaks out.

  11. Gotta say although I feel bad for the frum yidden there, but I also don’t feel bad, because they all vote for these leftist Democrats.

    • Not all of us voted in these Democrats. Many of us, myself included vote Republican down the ballot. But you are right, it’s not enough.

      We can never change the fact that we are in golus, but I’m imploring on everyone to stop voting Democrat. These communists seriously want to defund the police (and have already disbanded the anti crime plainclothes unit). This is the only way to pump the brakes on this ‘progressive’ attack on Western civilization. They know that they have the Jewish vote in their pocket, we can make them earn it.

      Please, change your political affiliation to Republican and don’t look back.

  12. I won’t address the points raised in this rant as they speak for themselves. I will only say that to print this is a absolute disgrace. We are in galus. HELLO? Yes, we are in galus, ans saying so is not a cop-out. This is precisely what the RBSH”O wants; that we should recognise that we are different. That we are not meant to be treated “k’chol hagoyim”. We must be grateful for whatever we do get but realise that it comes not from the elected officials, whoever they may be, but from the RBSH”O. Wake-up time, anybody?

  13. Nonsense.nothing of the above is target against the Jews.
    And yes.
    As Jews we should feel for the African Americans living among us.
    They suffered hunderds of year’s of torture.
    We are commended to remember our years in Egypt during are hole life!

  14. I wish someone can think of an idea to pay back the rotten politicians. Firstly, I hope to never miss an election again. (Btw, Chaim Deutch’s election is in a few day) Secondly, I love the idea of registering for public school. Any other ideas?

  15. Florida? Texas? Get real and don’t be naive. Why are other states good alternatives? You think anti-Semitism won’t erupt and ruin our lives in these “havens”? Time to wake up people. At least we should be talking about going to Eretz Yisrael. The handwriting is on the wall, Ha-shem yerachem, but most of us rather ignore it and wait till everything “blows over.”

  16. ” I can still remember feeling like New York was for all practical purposes a Jewish city.”
    This is exactly why this is happening. We all know the Mesech Chochma about Berlin. When we speak the same way about our communities in America, why do we expect a different outcome. I speak to myself as well.

  17. Good morning! It’s about time we wake up and remember that we are in Golus! This land is NOT my land, this land is NOT your land. We are here because this is the next location where HaShem decided to put us. We got fat and complacent, thinking that NY is “our” state and city. We build ever-larger edifices proclaiming our ownership of the place, and forget that we should be yearning to leave. So now we got a stark reminder of just where we are.

    But apparently that’s not enough. Had it woken us up enough, the author wouldn’t be espousing the idea of going to another state. If you REALLY understand what’s going on, and you want to abandon NY, then let’s abandon the USA entirely. Let’s leave the New World, and go to where we really belong – Eretz Yisroel. What do you think will happen to the demographics there if suddenly half a million Frum Yidden moved in and became instant citizens. What kind of effect would this have on the political landscape there?
    I’m not talking about being “Dochek es haketz”, I’m just talking about killing two birds with one stone – letting the anti semites in NY wonder what to do with all these lost taxes and empty neighborhoods, while helping our brothers in Israel fight the internal anti-charedi forces by supplying much-needed clout.

    Then we can wait for Moshiach to handle the rest…

  18. All you people who say go to israel are wrong. How will Israel have money to survive without money from America and others. If we all live here n one area we can get destroyed easier. We need to be all over the world till mossiach comes. And start the battle against liberalism.

  19. Why is there a double standard between Jews and BLM? Short answer: BLM is willing to use violence to defend against any perceived wrongs; we don’t have the guts(and consequently the means) to physically defend Shmiras Hatorah. At the end, all political arguments boil down to which side is willing to go the checkmate route. I am not suggesting that we become violent troublemakers – obviously we should be peaceful; but there’s nothing as peaceful as soft words spoken by a kind guy who just happens to be holding an AR-15. As we can see from the California decision, the Supreme Court is not going to defend our religious rights, unless we defend it ourselves. Disturbing, but it’s the truth.

  20. There was a pogrom (‘riot’ to be pc)in Crown Heights in 1991 .
    The killer was then acquitted.
    New York was never a “Jewish City” and definitely not when this person was growing up.

  21. Anonymous, you’re worried about how Eretz Yisroel will survive?! Einei Hashem …ba. Hashem will take care of Eretz Yisroel. And he will take care of all the Yidden who love Him and who have come back to live in His palace and await the geulah. Come jin us. It’s such a gift, the gift of Eretz Yisroel. And it’s yours for the taking.

  22. Why do Orthodox Jews want to stay in America?
    Chananya Weissman
    June 9

    My brothers and sisters in America, we need to have a frank discussion. Much of this applies to fellow Jews in other parts of the world, but I single out American Jews because they are the epicenter of Diaspora Jewry, and the situation there is deteriorating more quickly than anywhere else.

    I want you to consider the following five views that are not only considered mainstream but morally required in much of America today. Then I want you to consider the implications for Orthodox Jews.

    1) White people are inherently privileged and must profess shame and guilt for the sin of being born with that skin color. Their actual socioeconomic status and life story is irrelevant. They should even bow down to complete strangers to express their worthlessness as human beings.

    Orthodox Jews have not yet been compelled to bow down in submission and contrition as they did to Haman, but they have already needed to grovel to black protesters to prevent rioting in Jewish neighborhoods. You really didn’t have much of a choice, but how much time do you think you bought for yourselves? How long before they are no longer satisfied with your “solidarity”, and your communities will be forced to offer protection money in the form of “contributions” to stave off the justice-seeking mob? And how much time do you think that will buy you before they come for more?

    2) Believing that the country should even have a police force is now considered racist and evil. This happened virtually overnight.

    There are many corrupt police forces on this planet – probably all of them are corrupt to some degree – yet there is only one country on earth that is even debating whether there should be a police force altogether. Extremely intelligent people are actually trying to explain why doing away with law enforcement is a bad idea – and they are losing.

    Chazal teach that we should always pray for the government, which by definition includes law enforcement, because otherwise each man would swallow his fellow alive. A bad government is better than no government, and a highly flawed police force is better than none at all. The trendiest moral belief in America today is, essentially, that there should be anarchy, lawlessness, and the rules of the jungle in the streets of America.

    You’ve already gotten a taste of the riots, which for the moment have mostly subsided. There is no rational reason to believe there will not be other “injustices” to spark new, more furious outbreaks of violence. The rioters have already gotten lots of free loot and tasted blood, with no consequences. They have no incentive to retire from this lucrative and satisfying new career. How long before they come for all the money the Jews supposedly stole from them?

    Even with the police force still in existence, it took all their resources and all your groveling to stave off the first round of riots from your communities. A few days ago your communities were literally hanging by a thread. Tell me one logical reason to believe this will all just go away. If next time the rioters get violent, are you sure the cops are going to open fire on them to save you? In this climate? If you believe that, you are certifiably insane.

    Either way, is this a society in which Orthodox Jews should choose to remain? What bright future are you looking forward to in America? The riots were a warning sign, not an aberration, and not something that happens every so often. How many more warning signs do you need? How many more will you get? Why wait to find out?

    3) Being proud of America is a sin. Expressing positive feelings about America is grossly insensitive, racist, sexist, even a violent act. Those who do so are liable to lose their livelihoods and be attacked by mobs both online and physically. This is considered an acceptable way for those with hurt feelings to express themselves. In fact, nothing is out of bounds anymore.

    This puts Jews in an impossible situation. Jews traditionally express appreciation for their host countries, but now the mob is trashing the very foundations of America. It’s difficult enough to toe the line, artfully expressing loyalty to the country while standing in support of those at war with it from within. How much longer can you play neutral and appease everyone? What will you do when you are forced to choose a side?

    4) Roughly half of the country would declare a yom tov if something unfortunate happened to President Trump. They would dance in the streets. If he were murdered in cold blood, they would praise his killer as a hero.

    Supporting the President of the country in even the slightest way renders one worthy of destruction. If you publicly show support for the President, you are liable to be beaten by a mob.

    This alone should be enough to make you seriously consider why you, as a frum Jew, would want to live in such a society and raise a family there. This is a very unhealthy society, and it won’t have a miraculous refuah regardless of who the next President is.

    The fact that President Trump is closely associated with Orthodox Jews and has made great gestures of support for Israel only makes your situation more perilous. You’re stuck right in the middle whether you like it or not.

    5) Gays, transgenders, women who wish to kill their babies, and all those who push the envelope in the endless war on traditional family values must receive unflinching support. Objecting to anything they demand is increasingly dangerous.

    Orthodox Jews are, by their very existence, ambassadors for God’s definition of genders and moral boundaries. It is only a matter of time before they come for you, too, even if you want to stay out of that arena.

    Chazal teach us: “Who is a wise person? One who sees what is coming.” Chazal expect us to see the writing on the wall and act accordingly. The writing on the wall in America is spray-painted in graffiti, plastered on social media, and broadcast daily in the news.

    Expressing hatred for the President, the country, the police, and values that used to be sacrosanct, has become a game of “can you top this”. There is nothing like this on earth or in American history, and you should find it incredibly disturbing.

    Even if your personal safety could be guaranteed, in spite of all the ominous signs to the contrary, is this where a frum person belongs?

    The United States is in a state of moral decay, societal upheaval, and an internal war for its very soul. Do you really need to be in the middle of it? Are whatever material possessions you can’t take with you worth being in the center of this storm that is really only beginning?

    There is nowhere else in galus for the millions of Jews in America to go. There is only one other option for the frum Jew.

    The galus train has reached its final stop. The doors are still open, for now.

    What are you holding on to? It’s time to get off the train.

    • Dear 2:50pm, you have failed to address the judenrat dictatorship in Eretz Yisroel. The erev rav elites will not allow themselves to be voted out, but will use every dirty trick to stay in power. In fact, Israeli, American and EU socialist-fascist elites are working together, mob style. Basically, there is no country in the world left to run away to. Eventually things will boil over, and it will be a matter of survival for our community. I don’t know if the suicidal Medinat Judenrat is a good choice for the purpose of surviving. Obviously, everything is from H’, but al pi derech hateva we have higher chances in the US, providing we move away from NY/NJ/MD/Chicago/LA, and embrace the second amendment in the context of peaceful coexistence with our neighbors.

      • You write – “you have failed to address the judenrat dictatorship in Eretz Yisroel.”
        Who cares ? Stop making excuses. You are getting warning after warning from Hashem. You have deserted Israel. That is your only home. You can’t escape by moving to Texas or Tennessee? So what if there is a secular Israeli government. There are a million minyanim and Beis Medrash everywhere. I mean what is your problem? Come and watch Moshiach happen! The whole idea is that if frum yidden move to Eretz Yisrael the more things change. And things are great now! That’s right – great! I have been living here for 24 years and it is a pleasure!!! You have so missed the boat it’s frightening! You still have time to divest from Chutz La’aretz! Get here now – You have the opportunity!

  23. very well written, דברים היוצים מן הלב
    WE should mandate in all yishevos to read the letter that Rabbi Meir Kahane Z’L, wrote many years ago titled “DEAR WORLD” for all those “goulas Yiden”

  24. There are many states and communities that would appreciate your presence. I recommend leaving NY en mass. If 500,000 Jews left the city it would be devastated financially, culturally and educationally. The loss of taxes to the city, the loss of businesses and the impact on housing would finally make them realize what they have lost. The loss would be even more dramatic to our fellow non observant brethren as they will be the only members left in the city to be targeted. Maybe then they will wake up to what the observant community has had to deal with for decades. Talk is cheap, action speaks much louder than vain threats. It’s time for an Exodus!


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