Op-Ed: The People Have Spoken

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no-obamaBy Avi Yishai

Barack Obama was single-handedly going to change Washington. Two years ago, it was all about hope and change. Voters quickly lost hope, got fed up with his change, and soured on him.

As Americans went to vote this week, they showed that they want the same things you want. They want a smaller, less intrusive government. They want lower taxes, they want a lower deficit, and they are fed up with rising income taxes and stratospheric property taxes which jeopardize their ability to own their own homes. They want safer borders, monitored by sane, protective laws and police, not political correctness. They want many things. Most of all, they want people in Washington who understand that what sets this country apart from all others is self-government. They want representatives who don’t lose focus of the fact that they are but extensions of the people back home, and not entities in and of themselves.

Ronald Reagan paved the way 30 years ago, in 1980. He taught and proved that tax cuts generate more government income than raising taxes. He showed that cutting bloated government spending was the way to jumpstart a stagnant economy. He didn’t just preach that all people need to succeed is for the government to get out of the way. He demonstrated its veracity by enacting laws which enabled the private sector to develop. He believed in the goodness of the American people. He believed in the vitality of capitalism and he believed that America’s brightest days were ahead of it, if he would be permitted to lead.

It took a Jimmy Carter for the American people to have the courage to elect someone mocked by the media and political establishments alike as out of touch and unrealistic. Much the same, it took a team as brazen as Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to awaken the people’s latent mistrust of a growing government and for voters to recognize that this country elects a representative government. Instead of cutting the size of government, they expanded it. Instead of cutting taxes, they raised them. And instead of getting out of the way of the private sector, they encumbered it with more regulation.

After a short period, the American people – outside of New York – awoke and realized that they were being led by a group that viewed itself as empowered to autocratically rule over the people, putting forward their own legislative agenda, oblivious to what would really work to enhance the country. They enacted laws which did not represent the will of the people and thought they would get away with it.

As they watched the polls leading up to Election Day, they were confronted by the truth. People are fed up and disgusted by career politicians who ignore their demands. People are fed up with an out-of-control judiciary that is wildly overstepping its bounds and irresponsive to them. They have had it with public servants who promise to lower taxes and, when in office, raise them. They are fed up with a party that preaches against deficits when it is out of power and then raises the deficit at such a breakneck pace once it regains the reigns that it will take generations to pay it down.

While people clamored for jobs, the president forced through a massive trillion-dollar health care boondoggle that nobody asked for. He and his party lied about it as they rammed it through a compliant Congress and Senate. The more the populace learned about ObamaCare, the more revolted they became. They confronted their elected representatives with questions, for which they had no answers, leading the members of Congress to avoid Town Hall meetings and other non-scripted encounters with the men and women who sent them to Washington to do their bidding.

The obfuscation wasn’t limited to the health care overhaul. It extended to other bills as well, such as the one designated as the stimulator for the economy. The Stimulus Bill, which the administration promised would keep unemployment down to 8%, passed as a strictly partisan bill and caused barely a ripple in the nation’s economic benefit. Following its passing, unemployment zoomed way past 8%, with no increase in employment yet evident.

Politicians authored and enacted legislation to promote non-traditional lifestyles. These changes are opposed by the majority of Americans, whose ideals are formed by traditional Judeo-Christian values which America was built on. Voters disgusted by laws encouraging the further decay of the general society gave their support to candidates whose stances and beliefs are closer to their own.

When Muslims declared their intent to build a mosque near Ground Zero, multi-culturalist politicians fell in lockstep behind the proposal, possessing neither the courage nor intelligence and patriotism to espouse the public’s outrage at the sacrilege. They further earned the ire of the people.

Authoritarian, entrenched politicians, mainstream media types and community activists who don’t understand the transformation that the country has undergone will blame the election results on a historic trend of people voting against the party in power. They will fail to recognize that in this new era, when people can arrive independently at the facts and bypass the traditional gatekeepers of the news, they can no longer dominate the public discussion. They won’t comprehend that the people haven’t changed their minds about which party they support, but remain transfixed on electing people who will advance the agenda of the people.

The politicians will go back to their usual lies and obfuscations. Their enablers will continue to grovel at their feet and feed their insatiable egos. They will attempt to drive their personal agendas, ignoring the nation’s demand to hew to the patriotic course for the betterment of all. They will blame the people for not being smart enough to appreciate them. They will fight harder and entrench themselves deeper. And they will thus guarantee that the next time around, the stampede will be louder, stronger, and more forceful.

If they don’t get the message of this tsunami, if politicians of all stripes don’t hear the bullhorn, if they minimize the strength of the devotion and fervor of taxpaying, hard-working Americans, from sea to shining sea, then, come two years, the hurricane force winds will wash away the ruling class and once again the country will be ruled by regular citizens who arise from among the people and will be certain to have the consent of the governed.

And on that day, once again, common sense will have triumphed over political correctness.

Avi Yishai is political correspondent for Yated USA.

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  1. Please note that this will mean additional and significant financial cuts to the Yeshiva world.

    The Republicans are keen to take back spending on those people in the community that they see as ‘parasitic’ i.e. those that don’t contribute to the community in a fiscal manner.

    Kollels are high on their list….

  2. #1: Good point. Republicans complain so much about “out of control spending” but favor the exact opposite, out of control cutting. They don’t care who’s on the receiving side of the ax so long as their policies are based on ideology. Actually, I should revise my first point. They favor out of control cutting everywhere except in the defense budget. For that, they are huge spenders.

  3. Very well analyzed and presented.

    #1, you are incorrect. they don’t mind serious students nor religious students. They appreciate them.

    They also don’t insist children be taught against a Creator.. They would favor tax credits for those who pay tuition as they support free choice of schools/education…

  4. You both missed the boat. How long do you think the voutry will put up with out of control spending? How much longer will people put up with their taxes going through the roof? America is a capitalist society which means it let’s you make the most of your life and places no barriers from how high you can climb. It is not a socialist country that supports everyone and says everyone is entitled to government handouts.

  5. #3, you are correct, they certainly prefer that children be taught about the creator and they certainly spend money on education and schools.

    What they don’t spend money on is free health care, dental care, pre-school and after care, section 8 housing and every other financial assistance program that our newly married families, families with several children and the elderly use to ensure they can all live a ‘Jewish’ lifestyle.

    Don’t forget – They don’t expect students to be married with 3-4 kids and if the student is married with kids, the expectation is that they are studying for an MBA at nights with a full time job in management during the day earning enough money to pay for their family and some of the school fees.

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