Open Arms: Ohio Couple Adopts 6 Foster Children

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An Ohio couple with five biological kids added six foster siblings to their household last month.

Christopher and Christina Sanders, who live in a suburb of Cincinatti, adopted six siblings ranging from 9 to 16 years old because they wanted to stay together. The couple now has 11 children.

“I’m happy that I’m here because everything is wonderful. This is just what I wanted,” Cayley, one of the adopted girls, told Read more here.




  1. Slow news day? Why would this interest the frum community who rely on Matzav to keep abreast of wordly , & local news that is important. Really surprised lately at what is called newsworthy by your editorial staff.

    • What a nasty comment. Tells us a lot about you.
      It’s good for the frum community to see Christians doing selfless acts of charity and love, since most go through life thinking they never do anything good, based on some interpretation of some pasuk. Fact is we are way too elitist and racist for our own good. Thanks for confirming my allegation.

      • I couldn’t agree more Shmuel good on you for mentioning this
        Further I think anyone who moves to another part of New York or anywhere but Israel is 100% missing his Davening and bringing closer

      • The fact is, dear Shmuel and Malka, that you are the ones who’re elitist self haters. You guys need a good shrink.

      • Thanks for the compliment!
        you are a “kofer”; “based on some interpretation of some pasuk”…you are so off the charts, nebach.

  2. The Sanders family should be blessed with a long life filled with all of God’s blessings. Just look at the smile & happiness thats on their faces. They are truly special people who are bringing glory to God’s name. It’s stories like this that restore my faith in the goodness of my fellow Americans. People are good.

    • Wow, you must have some serious psychic powers if you tell how great someone is, just by glancing at a picture! Not to say anything negative about the Sanders family, but your sentimentality is pathetic.


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