OPEN DOOR ‘PAUL’ICY: New NBC Report Shares Details With Retracted Story, Pelosi Opened Door for Cops

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A New NBC Bay Area report on the Paul Pelosi attack shares similar details to the report that was previously retracted by NBC News, resulting in the suspension of anchor Miguel Almaguer. The reveal: Pelosi may not have been in immediate danger and even opened the door for police officers.

NBC News national correspondent Miguel Almaguer reported on Nov. 4 for “Today” that police didn’t know they were responding to the Pelosi residence, Pelosi opened the door for police but didn’t attempt to escape or declare an emergency, and even walked away from law enforcement and toward his eventual attacker.

Almaguer’s report was erased from all NBC News platforms later in the day. It was scrubbed from social media, and NBC News issued an editor’s note on its website, reading, “This piece has been removed from publication because it did not meet NBC News reporting standards.”

However, a local NBC reporter’s similar story was not retracted and remained online as of Wednesday morning.

Last Friday, exactly one week after Almaguer’s report was mysteriously retracted with little public detail, NBC’s San Francisco local affiliate KNTV, which is branded as NBC Bay Area, aired an explosive report with highly similar details indicating Pelosi opened the door for police and didn’t immediately attempt to escape.

Anchor Jessica Aguirre told viewers the NBC Bay Area investigative team “looked into why state and federal prosecutors each describe one specific detail of the police response differently,” before tossing it to reporter Bigad Shaban.

“This all has to do with the moments, seconds really, just before Paul Pelosi was struck in the head with a hammer inside his San Francisco home. Now, there continues to be contradicting accounts of a relatively simple question,” Shaban told viewers. “Who opened the door that night when San Francisco police arrived to the Pelosi house?”

Shaban explained that a federal indictment indicates “two officers” opened the door, but the San Francisco District Attorney’s office had previously stated, “Mr. Pelosi opened the door with his left hand.”

More over at Fox News:


  1. The Pelosi’s are what’s wrong with America. Rich privileged white elitist pigs. The ruling class. Above the law. Two sets of rules. Do as I say not as I do.

    • President Trump told you 2 days ago that Pelosi is gone to a very far trip… and you still believe this report? Remember when Fox News’ reported towards the end of Jan 2019 that Ruth Ginsburg died and then had to retract it for a year another half later, Sept 2020, to fool the listeners into believing she just died then?


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