Open Orthodox Clergyman Shmuly Yanklowitz Looks Forward to Celebrating X-mas

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  1. Matzav, why don’t you start printing the teachings of Yoshke? After all he was Jewish and although he existed 2000 years ago it’s the same concept as printing every piece of apikorses from This shmendrik

  2. Why are they raising a non-Jewish child? What are the circumstances that prevent that child from being raised in a home of his own religion? Are there no non-Jews who could raise him? What other non-Jewish customs MUST they keep: traif food? church? And if they feel they are teaching their children mitzvos, chessed, etc by raising an orphan or child in need, why not help a Jewish orphan in that way? (If the situation was reversed and a Jewish child was being raised in a non-Jewish Mexican home, albeit with parents who took care to celebrate Chanukah, would it seem so wonderful?)

  3. Kudos to matzav for staying on top of this dangerous anti Judaism movement.
    They seek to creep up on orthodoxy like little thiefs in the night-witness the ou’s silense .
    They are very well funded(new Israel fund-sorts)

  4. He is in a leadership position of the open orthodox heretics. Maybe their followers are Mexican non Jews and are being trained on hilchas x mass trees. The apple sure don’t fall far from the x mass tree. I think the open orthos should crown yoshka as their founding father.

  5. As per his website’s video, Yanklowitz’s mother is a shiksa, and he “converted” – first to reform, then to allegedly “orthodox”. Depending on what is meant by “orthodox conversion”, Yanklowitz might very well be a goy kehalacha. He sure affiliates with and admires the goyishe as opposed to the Torah way of life. How can OU tolerate such members?!


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