Open Orthodox Rabbi Yanklowitz Rips for Maariv Mosque Story

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  1. Matzav, don’t just post his post, respond!

    Even if he is correct about R’ Ovadia Yosefs pesak, there is noway R’ Ovadia would agree with this persons egelotarien prayer service and his publicizing of it. I don’t think Matzavs critizicim had anything to do with whether on can enter, or pray in a Mosque. His response shows his lack of understanding basic hashkafah.

  2. There is a fifth Shulchan Arch called Mesorah which this individual and his sect do not ascribe to. They are following in the ways of their illustrious predecessors:starting with Korach all the way to conservative and reform today. They will suffer the same fate, being delegated to the dustbin of history.

  3. Hey buddy, if “you live by the sword, than you die by the sword”, or something like that, no?
    Let’s hope William Andrews can lead the Falcons to the promised land.

  4. We are more interested to know how the Friday “TAANIT” went.
    What time did they break the “TAANIT”. Also what “SLICHOT” did they serenade?
    Did they move the ark into the street. Did they use ashes? How about rags?
    What was more effective? the ‘ARBBIT’ in the mosque or the Friday ‘TAANIT’ ?

    These are VERY important questions in order to set the “OPEN ORTHODOXY” halachic standards from these newest “poskeem” in ‘stone’ for eternity.

  5. As they say, ” a little knowledge is a dangerous thinhg ” Next time before you proceed, check with Rav Shteinman or Rav Chaim Kanievsky.. thanks. All the best..

  6. Did he look for a shul to daven in, or did he b’davka want to daven in a mosque to make a statement? Intentions are important.

  7. This is a machlokes between the Rambam(permits) and the Ran(prohibits), and till this day is a machlokes between Tzitz Eliezer 14:91 who goes like the Ran and Chacham Ovadia who goes like the Rambam. However ,from the Yabia Omer it isnt clear if one would be able to pray with others from another religion even if their sanctuary is not considered a house of idolatry.So not sure where he got that idea of permissibility. Tzarich Iyun

    • Prof. Marc Shapiro has proven that that Ran is by someone other than the Ran
      There is a Chabad in the Bronx that meets every week in a mosque.

  8. So this perhaps well meaning but misguided ultra left wing on the fringe Open Orthodox Rabbi is quoting Rav Ovadia and conveniently forgetting half the quote that he himself quoted. “IF ONE CANNOT FIND A SHUL TO DAVEN IN”. Clearly the intent of Yankelowitz in praying in the Mosque was for reasons that he himself described, which had nothing to do with lack of proximity to a nearby shul.

    We are all for peace with the Arabs and Muslims but some sensibility please. Common sense is not so common it seems.

  9. True. But what an astounding bizayon to a mikdash me’at if one chooses to daven in a mosque when there is a shul available. How insensitive to the countless killed in the name of the false prophet.

  10. And is this fellow also careful to only eat chalak Beit Yosef, only kemach yashan, to have his wife wear only hats or scarves, but no sheitels? He should not be hanging his hat on the hook of one mesorah to justify his invented one.

  11. Mr. Yank have a question for you do you listen to any of his other decisions or do you just find some that are convenient for you
    If you’re so fond of his opinion do you do everything he says or do you pick and choose a little

    • Your broke the code! “pick and choose” is the motto of oo. Especially, when you can pick the opinion that is NOT followed by Klal Yisroel.

      open orthodoxy priests are so open, their brains have fallen out. And their neshamahs, R”L,

  12. his basic problem and the ones like him
    is that they take the torah and judaism and turn it into this new religion called tikun oilam
    social justice
    this is a fundemental mistake in haskafa etc
    we do mitzvos (even mitzvos sichlios) like homoring parents ,not stealing etc
    not because socially its the right thing to do
    but specifically and only because HKBH commanded us
    this is a yesod that these guys dont understand

  13. Matzav posted a screenshot of his post.. without embellishment. The “rabbi” says it was part of the Jewish-Muslim Partnership Building project. He davened there specifically for that reason, not because there was no alternative.. as his cited example of Rav Ovadia’s psak.

  14. Now he’ll be able to diminish everything else you and we have written about him and his treife ilk
    Matzav,by jumping in on this one, he sprung a trap and you fell into it.

  15. No one pays attention to this quack He supports toeiva marriage,ordaining women rabbis, and supports abortions. He is part of the Avi weiss gang. He also gives hecshers not for kosher food in restaurants but if they treat their Mexican workers right. This nonsense certificate confuses out of towners on which restaurants are kosher with deceptive certificates hanging in Windows. They also fought to put rubashkin in jail. This is the open orthodox bums. They want stores to hire union workers and pay high salaries,but when they expanded their riverdale temple,they hired cheap labor and had unions picketing outside. They are phoneys.

  16. Even Rav Ovadia would agree you can’t go there during the prayer service , see umekareiv biyamin vol. 2 page 205, it’s not debatable.

  17. There were women at the mosque, according to his post, and no mechitza.

    So how could he daven there?

    If there was a heter, according to some, in the past, that does not mean it applies in all circumstances and conditions.

  18. Please provide the exact mareh mekomos, to see if there is such a psak, and if it would apply in a case such as this.

  19. why would he want to leave his job – he is getting paid very well from his “liberal” congregation – the more liberal the better.
    we know what liberalism is….

  20. S Yankelowitz has said that he does not believe in ביאת המשיח, of the עקרי אמונה brought by the רמב״ם.

    His reliance that he is a good Jew based on his interpretation of theרמב״ם is obviously a farce.

  21. Just wondering. .. he calls Matzav Ultra Orthodox. By whose definition? Is there such a a thing as plain Orthodox? It seems that everyone is described as being either open orthodox, modern orthodox or ultra orthodox. Noone is described anymore as being just plain Orthodox. If you’re not modern orthodox or open orthodox, you’re automatically labeled as an ultra. Talk about being tolerant… Does anyone enjoy being called ultra?
    The term orthodox is invented in any case, so who really cares?
    The point is they have no problem maligning a whole group of people and giving them a label that implies that the group they are labeling is by their nature of being Ultra, they are re beyond the pale and beyond capability of being reasonable.

    Sorta like let’s go ask Heilman what these ppl think about xyz, oR for insight into their behavior. Let’s not ask them directly. Would anyone say, let’s go ask an expert on xyz group for insight into their behavior unless that group is perceived as being beyond reason? Its like ethology (look it up) over here, insulting and demeaning. The logic goes that since we are ultra, other ppl must know and understand us better than we know ourselves.

  22. I am a very Senior Army Chaplain, recently retired. Having deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan on more than once, one of my deployments took me to Bahrain. As group of Senior Army officers which included Generals , we were invited to visit the Grand Mosque of Bahrain which is second only in size to one in Mecca . I was asked to join on the visit as was told there would be NO prayer involved . I went as I knew of Daas Harambam on this matter. The Rambam lived among the Moslems so a Mosque was not abstract to him . The interior of the mosque was bare, 4 walls, a cement floor and Carpets rolled up and placed against the wall and unrolled when they pray. No religious symbols , pictures , or anything else . You can go for a tour , But nothing else . Davening gives chayis to Klipas Hayishmalim .

  23. I would seriously ask Matzav that when you have to print something like this, it should be printed with either an immediate clear rebuff, or at least a qualifying comment. I tend to believe what people quote and therefore was very confused by this.

  24. And if He Commanded it and what HE Commanded ,THEN that is tikun oilam
    social justice
    irrespective of and the antithesis of the prevailing zeitgeist and/or pop culture


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