Open Orthodox Rabbi Yanklowitz: Trump-Netanyahu Collaboration May Cause “Irreparable Harm To A Peace Process” 

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Shmuly Yanklowitz, an “Open Orthodox” rabbi and dean of the Valley Beit Midrash in Phoenix, Arizona, responded to the talks yesterday between Donald Trump and Bibi Netanyahu.

Writing online, Yanklowitz said that he is “very uncomfortable with the far left on Israel (often doesn’t appreciate Israel’s security enough or Israel’s global reputation enough or the extent of pervasive anti-Semitism enough or the Jewish historical narrative enough) and I’m very uncomfortable with the far right (often doesn’t appreciate gentile life enough or appreciate peace enough or appreciate the Palestinian narrative enough).

He added, “I remain a passionate Religious Zionist (find deep religious meaning in the Jewish return to the land and return to sovereignty) & I remain passionate about reconciliation (grassroots bottom-up relationship/trust building) & a 2-state solution (political top-down agreement). I’ve remained hopeful that eventually a heroic Israeli leader and a heroic Palestinian leader would emerge (each with real clout in their communities) who could make a deal happen.”

But now, said Yanklowitz, he fears that the Trump-Netanyahu collaboration may cause “irreparable harm to a peace process on various levels (increasing the settler population from half a million to over a million, destroying any remaining bridge-building enterprises, fostering a new fundamentalist confidence, breaking down attempts at vulnerable empathy across party lines, etc.).”

Yanklowitz said that we “need to ensure that the new administration is held accountable to Trump’s statements today against settlement expansion and we also need to oppose this new rejection of a 2-state peace solution that is necessary to save lives, enhance dignity, and ensure the right to self-determination. I know some feel a 2-state solution is a thing of the past but I don’t believe we can responsibly give up on this dream. The alternatives are too dangerous (existentially & morally). I am in the camp that sees it as the only option for Jewish survival & for Jewish ethics.”



  1. He’s not “Orthodox” and he’s definitely not a “Rabbi”. Please stop referring to him as such, it’s damaging and insulting to the frum world.

  2. when this guy becomes a real Rabbi, then the Observant community might heed his words.

    Open Orthodoxy is just another way to say I have joined a group of american jews who have reconstructed and reformed the orthodox world… that is great, but it has little to nothing to do with Observant Yidden.

    and please do not mistake the challenge to his words, as a challenge to what is probably a nice guy, just twisted by his teachers or lack thereof.

  3. What peace process?

    Mr. Yankahooie, you are causing more harm to the Jewish nation than all the politicians in the world combined.

    Hashem yishmor.

  4. Dear Matzav editors:

    Serious question for you (and Rabbi Gordimer et. al.) Why continue to call them “Open Orthodox.” Just calling them that gives them a sense a legitimacy to the orthodox name. Perhaps you and all Torah Judaism media should refer to them as “Open Judaism.” That way the will be just another non-orthodox branch, like Reform and Conservative Judaism

  5. Who cares what this non Jew (his conversion can’t be valid considering his kfira in yesodos of yiddishkeit) leader of broken Orthodox says. All his thoughts and plans are anti Torah and anti Jews.

  6. Is his qualification to “understand” and take a stand that he’s in open orthodoxy? My neighbor is fully christian (from birth) Is my neighbors qualification superior to Mr. Yanklowitz?

    And Tzoorba, I hope you have some backing for calling Mr. Yanklowitz a Non Jew, as well as claiming there to have been a conversion.

  7. This is the first time in my life leaving a reply. WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU QUOTE WHAT THIS GUY SAYS??
    I come to your site for sort of “kosher” news… Really re thinking it now. Its a disgrace!!!

  8. I recently read the book “Why Open Orthodoxy Is Not Orthodox.” Virtually everything these so-called rabbis say is either Kefira, blasphemy, and/or Halachically problematic.

  9. Matzav. We know why you post this. To create a buzz and get more people to visit your site , otherwise there’s no reason why you should be posting this

  10. ^^^ Yeah right dude. Nice plug for a poorly written book. Surprised anybody on this thread can read beyond a first grade level.

  11. Shame on you all, you immature imbeciles, who attack a learned man and throw insults at him for a view, which differs from your own. You are the ones who lack the truly Jewish trait of analysis and argument. You are the ones who have sunk to the depths of dogmatic prejudice and hate.

  12. To all the commenters above pointing out that “Rabbi” (ראביי) Yanklowitz is a ger or calling him a goy because they know he’s a ger: He had a fully halachic giyur with a beis din that is kosher l’chol hadeos (I won’t name it because I don’t want to embarrass them) and was clearly serious about keeping the mitzvos when he was megayer (he spent several years afterwards leading a completely frum lifestyle and is still shomer mitzvos other than his delusional apikorsus). He is 100% a yid. He is also a kofer. But focusing on his giyur and calling him a goy is (1) assur, (2) counterproductive, and (3) actually very insulting to other gerim.

    I’m a ger myself. And when people mention his giyur in connection with all of this, it is honestly a burden on me. Like “Rabbi” Yanklowitz, I also married into a good family. But talking about his giyur embarrasses me as well as my wife and our children.

    This man is Jewish. So are his children. Let us pray that they return to the faith of our people and leave it at that.


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