Opinion: Obama Should Have Kept His Mouth Shut

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obama-crying-sad-collageDear Editor,
President Barack Obama admitted he didn’t know the facts surrounding the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

A wiser person would have left it there. Yet without any basis, he accused the police of acting “stupidly,” and thereby displayed an appalling lack of judgment, a trait he seems to share with his vice-president. Truth is, Obama behaved “stupidly,” and he should be the one apologizing.

By the way, if the police should arrive on the scene while you are breaking into your own house in the middle of the night, the appropriate response is: “Thank you for your quick response, officers, here’s my identification, sorry to put you to the trouble.”

Had Gates behaved that way instead of abusing the police and creating a public spectacle, does anyone really believe he would have been arrested?

Thomas J. Keevers
Park Ridge

{Chicago Tribune}


  1. From what I’ve heard, both sides could have acted more prudently.
    May I just suggest that any comments about the president be worded with the proper kavod due the office.

  2. To 2: you’re right about avdus, he’s our number one public servant 😉

    Maybe I should have stressed PRUDENCE over kavod. Does that make a difference?

    And do you mean to say that ONLY the gedolim warrant kavod? What about “ordinary” people, fellow posters, etc.?

  3. I think that one of the greatest losses we are suffering from in this stage of galus is the loss of deracheha darchei noam as a driving force in our lives.

  4. Obama continually sticks his nose into things he doesn’t even have the facts on. He comes on tv and speaks against things that he feels will gain him support to take away more and more of our constitutional rights. He is a race baiter, gun grabber, and aids our enemies and turns his back on our friends and allies. He is a true traitor to our country and should not only be impeached but brought up on charges of treason.


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