Opinion: Of Masks, Exaggerations, and Gross Misrepresentations

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By Rabbi Yehoishophot Oliver

[email protected]

We are living through terrifying times, and I am not talking about Covid-19.

We are seeing draconian measures enforced in the western world that are harsher than any we’ve ever seen in our lifetimes. On the face of it, this should awaken alarm and skepticism of the explanations we’ve been given for this vast expansion of government power. Yet many people, including in the Jewish community and including in the Orthodox Jewish community, see no problem with these measures, and they willingly encourage and enforce them. Some even do so with zeal and fanaticism, to the point of informing—of reporting to the police anyone who dares disobey the government.

And they’re doing so based on a fundamentally true principle.

However, I believe that in this case, the principle is being grossly and dangerously misapplied.

This is the basic principle in Jewish law that pikuach nefesh, the preservation of life, supersedes all other concerns, even otherwise strict obligations under Jewish law. Based on a doctor’s rulings, one can desecrate the Shabbos (Sabbath), eat non-kosher food, eat on the holy fast day of Yom Kippur. And so on.

During the Covid-19 crisis, community leaders have been telling us that we must obey the government health experts, and invoking Jewish law to support their claim. After all, Jewish law says that one should listen to health experts, to the point that one even violates what is normally forbidden based on their word.

This message is not really new and different. This is a basic principle in Jewish law. We do not need any great scholarship to know that danger to life is an overriding principle; any schoolchild knows this.

The issue is not whether we should listen to experts in matters of health. Rather, the fundamental issue is which experts we should listen to. Who exactly is making the threat assessment? Are they truly reliable? Could they have conflicts of interest that would call into question or even entirely discredit their supposedly authoritative opinions? Are the leaders asking these questions?

Yes of course, safety and health are paramount priorities. But those who have studied the development of totalitarian regimes understand that it is for this very reason that the claim of saving the people from some scary danger is a perfect tool for control and manipulation by people acting in bad faith with a sinister, nefarious agenda.

We are being told to obey the “public health” experts. But it really doesn’t take much time to research the history of “public health” and see just how correct and reliable it has been in the past (e.g., see here, here, here, and here). Ten minutes of research on Google will lead you down a rabbit hole of many past incidents when public health officials not only got it wrong, but they deliberately lied—with regard to pesticides, AIDS, firearms, and much more.

More generally and fundamentally, public health itself is a part of the political system, and politics is inherently about money, power, and control. So public health is not and cannot ever be about pure science and truth.

The medical industry in general is joined at the hip to Big Pharma, which has been exposed as controlling medical school and medicines in order to maximize profit, not healing and good health. Those who offer cheaper, more natural, and healthier alternatives to expensive synthetic pharmaceutical products are persecuted and marginalized, their businesses are outlawed, and they are even sometimes killed.

It would be one thing if these leaders were naïve in their health decisions about their own lives. It’s another thing entirely if they impose this naivete on the community, especially when they stubbornly refuse to listen to those who try to point out that they’ve been misinformed.

These leaders are not doing their due diligence to question the narrative we’re being told. And this negligence is even more egregious now than when the scare began.

The truth has increasingly emerged that we were sold a hoax: Covid-19 is no more dangerous than the seasonal flu, and likely less so. We were given false information about the death toll in Italy. The numbers were padded and governments worldwide are giving unethical financial incentives to hospital administrations to falsely classify deaths from other causes as Covid-19 deaths. The CDC issued directives to classify deaths assumed to be from Covid-19 even without a test. The tests are utterly faulty and don’t even test for Covid-19. The original mathematical model was grossly exaggerated and completely flawed from the outset. The media is using crisis actors to hype up the fear. According to testimonies, the hospitals in New York, the supposed hotspot for Covid-19, were systematically murdering the Covid-19 patients and that is in fact what was causing the higher death count there back in March and April.

Yet all these facts are ignored by the governments, so they are also ignored by the community leaders. This is surreal. The governments clearly have a deceptive agenda, so why are the leaders playing along?

These are often the same folks who told us to obey the “health experts” with regard to vaccines, despite the numerous reports coming out that many children are severely injured by vaccines. But because the government ignores that and mandates the vaccines, these leaders push us to conform and not to try to find exemptions, nor are they willing to represent us on the political front to push for vaccine exemptions. Some have even actively supported not allowing religious schools to accept religious vaccine exemptions legal in that state.

They are the blind leading the blind.

Their blindness is astonishing.

It could be simply a blind spot due to a naive overestimation of the wisdom of the official public health officials, due to the psychological influence of the inflated status of “official culture” to which all citizens are susceptible. But we expect more of our supposed leaders.

The truth about the other side of the story is now so widespread that it’s hard to think that this attachment to the official story is not willful. It is unpleasant but unavoidable to speculate on what motivates this irrational compliance. It could be concern about their image and a desire not to be seen as “bucking the system” and breaking the taboo against criticizing the government. Many are surely affected by a perceived desire to keep their positions, a desire for their schools and synagogues to receive the continued support of wealthy patrons or to receive continued government grants and funding to ease the financial burden on their institutions. This essentially means, sadly, that these leaders are compromised and corrupted. I would even suggest that until they openly admit their failure and apologize, they should no longer be trusted to be consulted on anything, as they have proven themselves incompetent.

This phenomenon of blind acceptance of the official government narrative on matters of health is shameful and terrifying. Our trusted leaders are blindly following the government-approved “health experts”, and the sheeple are blindly following the leaders, so we have a serious problem.

This is a very slippery slope.

The problem is the automatic conformity. All based on an endless, constantly repeated argument from authority. All without considering dissenting medical voices and blatant conflicts of interest. All based on the presumption that in matters of public health policy in our institutions, the government and only the government knows best and therefore it must call all the shots.

These people are not thinking clearly; they’re obeying like robots. They’re not willing to consider anything that deviates from the official narrative. They’re not willing to listen to an argument presenting reason and evidence and adjust their opinion accordingly. They automatically dismiss anyone questioning the official narrative as a nutcase. They’re viewing the official narrative as religious dogma, all while failing to stand up for our human and religious rights.

They said that we needed to keep the shuls (synagogues) closed because opening might endanger lives, now they say we must submit to masks, plexiglass, and social distancing in shuls and mass testing of our children, and soon they will doubtless say that we must all submit to a fast-tracked Covid vaccine. All because of health.

But I guarantee you that if you would ask these same leader and administrators to take some action about the even potential danger of the Wifi in the schools or the 5G towers (which were being installed behind our backs right while we were in lockdown) right near the schools, they would give you a funny look and dismiss your concerns. If you would say that the documented harms of vaccines declared by SCOTUS is reason not to mandate them and to allow parents to decline mandates, many would dismiss your arguments and tell you to obey the government.

Nor do we ever hear statements on the harm from radiation from cellphones, on the harm from psychiatric drugs, or on the harm from a sugary diet of processed foods.

So the claim that this is about health and safety—“pikuach nefesh”—is disingenuous. What’s really going on here is blind obedience to government, not to true, unbiased health experts.

(It should be obvious, but I’ll say it anyway because I believe it needs to be emphasized: The only health experts that stand a chance of being truly reliable and authoritative are those independent of government. Not that they’re perfect, but they at least stand a chance of being honest and pure. And even they must state their rationale and respond intelligently to criticism of their positions.)

The government justifies every deprivation of freedom in the name of safety, all in total denial of the fact that Covid-19 has been proven not to be a pandemic!

A pandemic is defined by vast numbers of people getting severely ill and dying in many countries. We’re told that this is a worldwide pandemic, so where are these huge numbers? Nowhere! And those who died with but not from the virus don’t count!

It’s nothing but a scamdemic!

And yet the leaders still support the harsh measures!

Where will it end?

Will the leaders demand the people take a vaccine, along with an invisible ink tattoo, before being allowed to return to the schools, the rabbinical colleges, and the synagogues?

Will the leaders demand the people submit to being microchipped before being allowed to return to the schools, the rabbinical colleges, and the synagogues?

What if the government comes and tells us that a certain area is entirely contaminated and everyone must be evacuated to an undisclosed location, will our leaders support that too?

Exactly how many freedoms will they support we surrender in the name of obeying the apparently infallible public health officials?!

We expect more from leaders. That’s why they’re the leaders. They have a greater voice and influence, and a greater responsibility. They have failed us.

These leaders are in denial, just like the vast majority of the members of the community. Have courage! Ignore them!

We are being robbed of our rights and freedoms, and they will never, ever come back the way they were with this naïve, compliant, mindless attitude. Unless we expose this Big Lie of the Covid hoax, our civil liberties as citizens of western democracies will not return, nor will our religious freedoms to gather and pray freely. And by freely, I mean without masks and social distancing undermining the social fabric, and in not long a certificate of immunity, a temperature test, a vaccine, and a microchip. Those worried about catching the dreaded disease are free to stay home, but those who choose to come to the synagogue should be entitled to make their own choices and to take their chances.

We need to get ready to say no. No to masks, no to social distancing, no to contact tracing, no to mandatory testing, no to vaccine mandates, no to government intervention in our private lives, no to anything that inhibits our freedoms. And we need our leaders and communal workers to support us and lead us in this refusal. And if they choose to be so blind that they would rather fall right into this devious trap set by the elites who are putting out this propaganda, we reject them as our leaders.

If you’re one of our leaders, consider the words of the critics. Consider the illogical and excessive enforcement of the lockdowns, the deployment of drones, four-legged robots, tanks, the national guard, children needlessly separated from parents, and the signs of upcoming mandatory vaccination. Remember the lessons of history and the danger of a rapid introduction of tyranny through deception. We study history so we will learn its lessons and be vigilant against such events recurring. We are not immune today and I would submit that we are living through just such a takeover, under the guise of a staged and bogus pandemic. Listen to Covid skeptics with an open mind and be willing to have the humility and integrity to publicly retract and apologize for your earlier insufficiently researched and misinformed position and policy.

Approach your communal leader and bring the words of the critics of the official story to his attention. Let’s hope he takes you seriously. If not, go to your fellow congregants and try to influence those among your friends whom you think might take you seriously. If they do, get them to approach him. If this fails, sorry to say, you may need a new congregation. Start your own breakaway minyan (prayer service).

When government tyranny is intensifying worldwide and yet the death toll is extremely low, any rational observer should be able to tell that this is not at all about a deadly virus. The alleged virus is a pretext for an unprecedented worldwide power-grab. If leaders—whether religious or lay leaders—have any value, if leaders were ever needed, it would be to speak out against this grave, rapidly growing threat to the freedom of all mankind.

Even if despite all the proof coming out that the numbers are padded, these leaders (mistakenly) still consider the virus a serious threat, why can’t they at least also see that the danger from this government power-grab is just as serious, if not vastly more? If these leaders are willing to call for extreme caution against the virus, why won’t they also come out against draconian government restrictions and mandates?

In fact, no communal leader should be promoting any measures at all. Covid-19 has been proven a lie. There is no pandemic and there never was and now it’s totally obvious. In fact, there is no proof that Covid-19 even exists. The reason the government won’t admit that and won’t engage directly any scientific critiques of its policies, is that this was all planned from the outset—it’s a plannedemic. But we should not let ourselves to be played for fools! At this point anyone in leadership, no matter how otherwise respectable he may be, who willfully ignores this ongoing deception and continues to push for compliance with these measures is complicit in enabling tyranny.

Don’t obey these compromised leaders. Seek out the truth for yourself through the web of lies. Use your basic G-d-given critical thinking skills. Obey your conscience and common sense. Don’t allow anyone to shame you for asking questions. Never automatically accept an argument from authority—demand to see the actual detailed threat assessment, the written proof and detailed arguments from independent experts.

Demand that your rights and freedoms be honored, especially your right to make your own choices in medical matters for yourself and your family. Resist tyranny and mind control, no matter who is brainwashed or compromised into imposing it.



    • This letter is so insanely assinine, which experts?
      Well I for one will trust the experts AROUND ME, the regular doctor offices I visit the regular community health advisers, WHILE YOU GO AND SEARCH GOOGLE FOR “EXPERTS”.
      Anti Masking is the new anti – vaxxing.
      Doctors have always worn masks when encountering potentially contagious illnesses, its completely sensible.

      • Seems to me your post is a good example of one of the problems. Your post clearly makes it sound as if you are advocating that the (regular) masks sold to the public (or even the “surgical” masks used by medical professionals) are for protecting the wearer. That falsehood is a major cause for concern. It leads, among other things, people to take real risks while under the false impression they are “safe” by the mask. The facts is, regular masks are for protecting the patient, and NOT designed for protecting the doctor. Maybe a proper (and there are too many fakes out there) N95 mask when used and worn properly (and that requires training and practice!) may offer some small level of protection (at best 95% under expert and ideal conditions).

        • You do realize that if ALL wear masks it is indeed VERY effective, i.e. effective in the sense of not ‘transmitting’ the virus.

          So please do not confuse others who are careful.

      • I agree that this is a scamdemic, not a pandemic. The CDC’s definition of pandemic doesn’t even match the numbers they have inflated to try to make this look like a pandemic. It is all fear mongering and so many people are easily scared. No, I don’t want the FLU, nor do I want to see anyone die from it, but every year people die from the FLU, it can’t be helped. Look at the numbers of deaths each year, go back 5 years. This year the total death toll is LESS THAN LAST YEAR. How can that be if this virus is killing so many people? Could it be that death certificates say COVID when they are not? I know of a child that drowned in a pond this past summer who was marked as a COVID death. How can that be? I have heard other people say the same, their loved ones had no COVID but the death certificate says COVID. PLEASE, don’t let fear and mind control put us back into the situation that occurred in Germany in the 1900’s. This time it is not going to be just the Jews either, it is everyone throughout the world. There will be massive deaths with this vaccine, it is the agenda. LOOK, INVESTAGATE, DON’T JUST WATCH YOUR TV NEWS THAT IS RUN BY GEORGE SOROS. This is a real danger to us all. Give the Rabbi the benefit of the doubt and look at some of the evidence he provides.

    • Why?
      I got my flu shot so I’m protected. I can’t get get the measles, Coronavirus, or a toothache. I’m going to beat the system and live pain free forever. All you rodfim who refuse to get vaccinated have what to worry about. You’re on your own.

    • All of the numerous comments here that meanly call this article “insane” and “unhinged” and “dangerous” and “stupid” and “a hunk of junk” are just doing EXACTLY what Rabbi Oliver is correctly complaining about. That, unfortunately, many people are completely swallowing up and totally believing the thick heavy propaganda that has been massively spewed out about this situation. And then whenever someone — like Rabbi Yehoishophot Oliver — attempts to show that the thick heavy propaganda blanket is full of huge “holes” of outright lies, deceptions, fabrications, and exaggerations, he is sharply pushed off as being a “tin-foil-hat-wearing-conspiracy-theory-nut-head”!!

  1. As someone who thinks the media and government’s response to Covid is over the top and dangerous:

    This article is stupid and silly conspiracy theories. It doesn’t help the cause, or make our community look good. Please take it down.

  2. Excellent article which should be distributed to all Jews all over the world
    Fake News Brainwashing Media is to blame for all this. The sheeple cannot differentiate between truth and lies and buy their nonsense like hot cakes. Can’t wait for President Trump to eradicate Fake News once and for all be’ez”H, as he promised.

    • Give me a name of 1 person in the world who died from Covid and didn’t have an existing illness, take the flu shot or wasn’t murdered in hospitals or old age homes? I don’t expect you to answer because death from covid is a political lie.

      • Ummmm, how about you scroll through matzav and start counting the names.
        And as for anyone with an existing illness – their death by COVID is ok when they could/would have lived longer lives?
        Bubbies and Zaidies lives are not precious because they are old/have pre-existings?!?!

  3. There’s no proof that Covid actually exists? There’s no pandemic and it’s all a lie? What is this guy smoking? What did all the people in our community die from Pesach time?

    Like every good lying piece, he makes some points that have some truth. But he’s clearly against vaccines, with his sources from some of their crazy websites. He’s also calling everyone to disobey all authority. Is that a good plan?

    He’s a lone voice, and hopefully everyone will ignore him, but the way it works is that people almost always parrot what they read, and people in our community will be quoting this. G-d help us.

    • “What did all the people in our community die from Pesach time?”
      Most died from lack of food; they were starved to death BY the hospitals.

  4. Again becoming a podium for this individual vying for a part in the anti-mask conspiracy thery sideshow? Just wanted to be the first on to raise my voice in protest, next please…

  5. How do you explain the young and healthy people in my community who are nebach on ventilators RIGHT NOW? I personally know them and their families. People who were completely healthy until last week. They had the flu many times and did just fine.
    Numbers may be exaggerated by the government, but the message in my community is coming from Rabbonim who are paskening based on the health situation in our own backyards. There are too many cases of formerly healthy people who are now critically ill people in our communities. They may be a minority but they exist. This is not the flu.
    The problem is that because of the extreme position the government has taken, people like you Rabbi Oliver, go to the opposite extreme. We need to take a normal route and use the proper precautions to guard each other from covid. We cannot let our emotions of fear about covid, nor our emotions of anti-government sentiments, to cause us to take things to either extreme.
    Most importantly, we must ALL daven to Hashem that he should bring an end to covid and to all other sicknesses and tzaros.

      • Thanks Matzav for publishing the voice of reason and truth. Most people can not handle the truth. 99% of Jews bowed down Haman the Amaleki, 99% of Jews ignored Jabotinsky warning to leave Europe and that a Holocaust is coming, they called him a conspiracy theorist didn’t let him speak in their Shuls, and followed their leaders to the Gas chambers with gas made by IG Farben the parent company of Moderna who has a special NEW chemical weapon for you called a “coroana vaccine”.

        Here is a music video about the real goal of Shekerona, publish this video as a post. Save some lives like Jabotinsky did. The Sheeple will take the vaccine, sterilize their kids, and become tanshuman and non Jewish Genetically.

    • Very easy to explain. You need oxygen to breath, oxygen for your brain, oxygen for the blood, etc. Didn’t your mother tell you as a child not to put a bag over your head? Well, masks are worse than bags – they don’t let any oxygen in at all. The CDC clearly stated that 99% of patience with respiratory issues are because of the masks they wore. So there you have the answer. Now wake up!

    • The flu allegedly has a vaccine. If these people had the flu “many times”, were these people vaccinated? I doubt a healthy vaccinated person would get the flu “many times”, unless vaccinations don’t work or the one giving the vaccination is giving a fraudulent vaccine.

  6. Aseh Lecha Rav – Then place your trust in HKB”H.

    We don’t have nevi’im today. And tying all of these theories together and attempting to convince the masses via online news sites just doesn’t fly, Reb Oliver.

    You have points to make, and want to convince the am hanivchar to revolt, then go to the top, and convince the “compromised leaders” that your theories bear enough merit to advise decisive actions to follow.

    Until then, it’s just rabble-rousing. And espousing this via online media is downright dangerous and likely to cause further anti-semitism.

    Go about it right, or don’t go about it at all.

  7. ” Covid-19 has been proven a lie. There is no pandemic and there never was “..


    Tell that to the hundreds that DIED in Brooklyn alone…

    • There definitely is a Covid-19 virus disease; HOWEVER, B’Ezras Hashem, it can easily be prevented and even cured by proper use of several great Natural Healing remedies (for example: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Quercetin, Elderberry, Colloidal Silver, and Ozone). There is also the very old Malaria drug, Hydroxychloroquine, which, when given with Zinc, Boruch Hashem, has brilliant results.

      The huge problem though is that the (so-called) “mainstream” medical (so-called) “establishment” along with numerous wicked elements in the government (like Anthony Fauci and his gang and the FDA and many of the Democrat state governors) have sharply dismissed these treatments and even prohibited their use. In numerous instances, agents of the FDA, the FBI, and local police brutally smashed into medical clinics that were employing natural techniques (for Covid and other diseases) and shut them down and threw their doctors in jail. With the true cures for Covid shoved off far out of reach, the what-could-have-been-a-minor-virus festered and developed into a big monster; it was thus a MANUFACTURED pandemic crises.

      • Asides that we can argue about the effectiveness of your very method mentioned –that was NOT the point of my argument.

        COVID is indeed VERY contagious and LETHAL!

        For one to state such an utterly statement, denying its very existent is VERY irresponsible and should NOT be given ANY platform. Period!

  8. I’m far from an alarmist and generally don’t go crazy following the restrictions however, there’s definitely been a lot of korbanos, way more than the flu. Hospitals likely killed some however, many went in way more sick than a regular flu complication.

  9. You can’t be serious???? The Doctors in my community are living through this. They look like soldiers going through PTSD !!

    This is no way like a FLU, but more like the Bubonic Plague.

    The reason the information keeps changing is because our knowledge of the Virus keeps changing as the health professionals learn more. More about transmission, herd immunity, treatment, etc.

  10. Could you please stop giving a platform to every person who thinks he’s so smart that he know better than the Gedolim. By the way, how many people do each of you know who died from the flu or even almost died. Interesting that I don’t know of even one, but there are countless of people I know who were Niftar from Covid or were at least in serious to very serious condition.

    • The DOCTOR in your cited article is in COMPLETE AGREEMENT with Rabbi Oliver:
      “And [inaudible] you might say I know a little bit about all of this. The bottom line is simply this: There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians. It’s outrageous. This is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to contain this virus. Other than protecting older, more vulnerable people. It should be thought of as nothing more than a bad flu season. This is not Ebola. It’s not SARS. It’s politics playing medicine and that’s a very dangerous game.”

  11. Everybody is entitled to his or her opinion, including the individual above. But the buck stops when there is even a small chance that his ramblings, despite their outlandishness, could result in public health threats or death. I am moyche Matzav for publishing this op-ed!!

  12. There is another fundamental concept / precept in Torah-true Judaism. It is called Emunas Chachomim. The leaders of every community he being informed by thoe they trust and relypon in these matters and have issued and continue to issue their rulings and recommendations. Even if their sources are less than reliable – no less so than any source we may choose – we know our chachomim have siyata di’Shmaya and their opinion sare to be followed. I did not see any mention of Rabbonim or poskim, quotes for Shulchan Aruch or later day ShU”T seforim. Perhaps the author should seek the advice and guidance of our Einei HaEidah before giving an opinion on such important issues.

    Tha all aside, the rumors of forced vaccinations etc. have all been debunked. Besides; The Democrats don’t believe in these vaccinations //9produced too fast, etc.), and the Republicans’ plan is very deliberate, oderly distribution to specific groups initally. Only 56% of the people in this country plan on taking the vaccine. There are also not enough vaccine to immunize everyone.

  13. Th eeditir of this site, by publishing this article full of garbage is 100% guilty of transgressing the issur d’oraisa of לפני עור and should anyone get sick or die as a result of following the opinion of this article, the editor of this site will have to pay for the רציחה

  14. I’m a doctor. I have seen the effects of the virus – hospitals are full, millions of people are sick and thousands dying. Do you think the entire world is making up a story ? Is there some force coming from outer space that is putting a spell on people making them sick ?
    try to regain some respect and delete this fictional piece before people delete themselves from your website

    • Spoken like a true tyrant liberatard who can not stand to see other views that conflicts with his cult thinking. So he tries to shut them up and dictate what others should think.

      Thank God Mazav editors are not like these intollorant tyrants and value freedom of speech and expression.

  15. Please catch and enjoy the “flu” if so you wish and have fun spreading it to your like-minded friends. Just stay away from me!!!

  16. wow! This is way in the weeds!
    How many people do you think actually read through to the end?
    And while there are many valid points here, there are others that are just spin.

  17. Your article is well written and likely to get people thinking, which is commendable. There are however, large groups of charedi Jewry that adhere to the mishna which teaches “Aseh L’ecah Rav”. The aforementioned have a posek who they consult with and more importantly abide by their psak. I opine that said individuals need not question (although they can if it’s for academic purposes) their Posek and will be safe simply because they had emunas chochmim. Additionally, I respectfully question the wisdom of grouping all our leaders together. Some are extremely learnt in halacha and well informed while others are not so. May the Rofeh chol boser bring a refuah to all that need and a yeshoua to all of klal yisroel bkorov.

  18. This entire article is filled with sheker.
    The author can’t seem to find a single legitimate study to back himself up, relying instead on tin-foil hat blogs to promote his theory.
    How many body bags do we need before oiber-chachomim like this finally get it?

  19. I was with you until you said covid does not exist. Where is the proof for that????
    I had covid and it was like no other illness i have experienced.
    Loss of smell and taste completely
    Awful body aches
    Fever for 8 days
    And now 2 months later my brain does not work as well. I have short term memory loss.
    I took all the supplements and whatever else my healthfood expert recommended during and after the virus.
    I am skeptical about the vaccine but i am certain that there is a virus and it is way worse than flu.
    I personally do not know anyone who was ever hospitalized or died from the flu. But i know lots of people who were hospitalized and died from corona. I also know lots of people who were hospitalized and did not die from corona. If you want to be believable dont spew such utter nonsense.

  20. Tell that to all the almanos and yesomim.
    Hashem yerachem on all those who don’t believe in what they haven’t seen or experienced with their own eyes.
    The nissayon of Emunah before Moshiach
    How many won’t make the grade?

  21. I’m honestly curious as to why Matzav published this.
    -Do you agree with the writer?
    -Do you disagree, but think this is a legitimate point of view that deserves to be disseminated?
    -Do you want readers to have a good laugh?
    -Is this clickbait that will draw eyeballs, responses and (acharon, acharon chaviv) advertising dollar$$$?

  22. There are many preventative and treatment options that work at this time, but unfortunately, a lot of the doctors, leaders, people do not know about them because of the government trying to push back and not allow these people a voice. Medics on the front lines using them on hundreds of people see that they work and no one has to die. THe author obliviously knows this. People are dying because there is a lack of knowledge and from not taking proper preventative measures. There are also hospitals that are very incompetent and still doing all the wrong things for COVID. I personally attended a zoom training for COVID treatments from a chesed organization in Monsey that has dealt with over 100 people with COVID successfully. The virus itself is not deadly. People with compromised immmune systems have a severe inflammatory immune response to the virus which could have very bad consequences if not treated properly. Even high risk people who take adequate vitamin D and other such preventative measures, and then treat the virus early if they get symptoms generally have very good outcomes. That’s why he’s saying it’s a bad flu. Its a flu, but somehow the body reacts stronger to it. I think everyone owes it to themselves to research and find out the truth about this. Just because he’s an anti-vax doesn’t mean that what he’s saying isn’t true. THe goverment take over of freedoms is extremely dangerous. Even if you agree with some of their measures, we should be allowed to decide with our own doctors what needs to be done, and not the govenrment. Please wake up before you realize he was actually right.

  23. I am actually shocked at how many people dont realize what he’s saying is true. He even bring links to explain his points. Just because people passed away RL doesn’t mean that he’s not saying the truth that many were actually murdered, and dealt with incorrectly — lied to by the media and government that there was no cure. Perhaps you should research the new COVID vaccine with the new technology that it will have. It will be different than any other vaccine we ever had before. THe CDC never even isolated the COVID-19 virus, so what is in the vaccine? Is denial better? Research everything yourself! Dont believe him because he said it! ITs your life!

  24. Seriously Matzav, take this lunatic’s rant down. It’s been long since he last had his medication. My non-US friends I guess were right, when they laughed their heads off saying that in the US every Joe Shmo is a “Rabbi”!!

  25. Rabbi Oliver,

    Your point is well made. Just by reading these responses you can see that most people are not inclined to question the narrative. Most Jews who listened to their rabbis and stayed in Europe died.

    Most Jews ate at Achashveirosh’s party, most Jews hellenized, … “most Jews” are not the standard to rely upon.

    Hashem gave each of us a brain and we are responsible if we listen to rabbanim who steer us wrong; blind obedience is not derech haTorah. Public health policy and mainstream medicine are today’s avodah Zara. It’s time we turned to Hashem, and not Fauci, Cuomo, the CDC, or that terrorist, Tedros, who runs the WHO (look it up!).

    May we be zoche to have clarity of thought before it’s too late – again.

  26. Please listen to Dr. Michael Yeadon (former Pfizer Chief Scientific Advisor) and Dr. Roger Hodkinson (trained at Cambridge University in the UK, ex-president of the pathology section of the Medical Association, and former chairman of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada Examination Committee and Pathology in Ottawa, Canada)



  27. There definitely is a Covid-19 virus disease; HOWEVER, B’Ezras Hashem, it can easily be prevented and even cured by proper use of several great Natural Healing remedies (for example: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Quercetin, Elderberry, Colloidal Silver, and Ozone). There is also the very old Malaria drug, Hydroxychloroquine, which, when given with Zinc, Boruch Hashem, has brilliant results.

    The huge problem though is that the (so-called) “mainstream” medical (so-called) “establishment” along with numerous wicked elements in the government (like Anthony Fauci and his gang and the FDA and many of the Democrat state governors) have sharply dismissed these treatments and even prohibited their use. In numerous instances, agents of the FDA, the FBI, and local police brutally smashed into medical clinics that were employing natural techniques (for Covid and other diseases) and shut them down and threw their doctors in jail. With the true cures for Covid shoved off far out of reach, the what-could-have-been-a-minor-virus festered and developed into a big monster. This “pandemic” was thus a MANUFACTURED crises.

  28. I can’t believe that only 2 out of 39 posters are not brainwashed by the media and their hoax virus (9:09 am and 8:02 pm). Is it possible that the masks are blocking their brains or maybe even destroyed their brains to think logically that nobody in the world died from this crony virus if they didn’t have an existing illness or weren’t murdered in hospitals? Let these naive idiots explain how it is that neighborhoods and cities where they don’t make a to do about this nonsensical virus and don’t wear masks, nobody is sick and die of natural causes, like old age, heart attacks or car accidents.

  29. Dear Matzav,
    From one Jew to another: be very careful what you print and therefore espouse on your website. You have a following, and therefore you are responsible for the effects your articles have on Am Yisrael’s Emunah BaShem.
    I don’t know the rabbi who wrote this article and therefore I will not judge him or what he wrote. But if what you post causes a distortion in what should be a Ma’amin’s perspective on world events and instead promotes values that are frankly quite goyish; you may be responsible for damaging a Jew’s Emunah r”l.
    I don’t know if you will even read this; but don’t take your achrayus lightly, my friend.

  30. As of the next second, I am officially out of Matzav, deleting all cookies or anything to do with this now-off-the-deep-end so-called “Torah-true” website and now the cozy home of wackos. Want Tora-true? I an moydeh on my to’us of wasting time and sticking my head more in a Gemorah. I hope more people follow this advice.

  31. @4:53 am — THanks for the great list — Just wanted to add that Elderberry is not good for covid. You can also add about VITAMIN D — (most people are VERY deficient — take at least 5,000 iu a day at minimun)and NAC, boswellia, ginger juice, minerals, garlic to the list of good remedies (assuming its safe for their specific medical situation). There are so many. There are hotlines available in many places especially Monsey (You can ask Echo for the number) and Lakewood that have a wealth of information.

  32. In a few weeks, B’Ezras Hashem, we will be reading the Parsha HaShavua of Vaiyigash, the beginning of which relates the immensely dramatic climax of the profoundly well known story of Yosef and his brothers. At that point of the climax, when Yosef finally reveals to his brothers that he is Yosef, right in that very statement where he powerfully exclaims: “Ani Yosef!!” (“I am Yosef!!”), he continues and concludes that sentence with a question: “Ha’od Avi Chai???” (“Is my father still alive???”)

    Yosef’s question seems to be an excessively worthless one, for from the beginning of this phase of the episode, when the brothers had been brought to him, up to the point of the climax, they had repeatedly and extensively talked to him about their father. Furthermore, in the severe escalation of the crises that lead up to the climax, they had forcefully declared that it was because of grave concern for the life of their father, that Binyamin absolutely had to return home. So, it was glaringly obvious that their father was still totally well alive!!

    I heard that the Peirush of the Beis HaLevi explains that in this question, Yosef was very sharply chiding his brothers, as, in essence, he was saying to them: “You were now forcefully and threateningly exclaiming to me how Binyamin absolutely CANNOT be detained, for his absence (upon your return home) would, Chas V’Shalom, bring the immediate death of our father. Yes, you are extremely worried about the death of our father; that is certainly really wonderful!!”


    So, with these three words “Ha’od Avi Chai???” (“Is my father still alive???”), which, in essence was: “After WHAT YOU DID TO ME, how could our father still be alive???” Yosef was giving his brothers the severe stinging rebuke of exposing their horrendous of horrendous total hypocrisy.

  33. The following things are clearly true:
    1. The 250,000 people who were “killed” by the corona virus are alive and well and living in the Bahamas.
    2. Donald Trump won the popular vote in both 2016 and 2020 if you disregard the 5 million mail in ballots from Mexican rapists.
    3. Barack Obama is a Muslim terrorist born in Kenya.
    4. Masks will kill you.

  34. (Continuation of my remarks)

    Boruch Hashem, Rabbi Yehoishophot Oliver has written a most wonderful essay in which he has sharply exposed some of the horrendous of horrendous total hypocrisy of the whole Coronavirus-Covid-19 crises. The stated declaration of “everyone” running the huge show is our exceedingly grave concern here for the severely serious deadly problem of “Pikuach Nefesh” – “a possible threat to human life.”



    Yes, very probable threats from the heavily massive hyper-radiation of 5G!!

    Yes, very probable threats from the modern diet of excessive amounts of outright “junk foods,” which are well known to bring on countless deadly diseases — including C***** and the Covid-19!!

    Yes, very probable threats from the numerous highly dangerous prescription drugs that cause over 100,000 deaths every year yet are frequently continually prescribed for countless patients!!

    Yes, very probable threats from the numerous vaccines, each one of which has had thousands of cases of outright deaths!!

    Yes, and above all, the extremely of extremely probable threats from the emergence of an outright tyrannical communist type dictatorship, RACHMANA LITZLAN, that these severely tight Covid Lockdown & Distancing restrictions are forming!!

  35. Thankfully, most Yidden respect Pekuach Nefesh and dina d’malchuta dina. Rabbis are human, and Daas Torah is not a guarantee of infallibility.

  36. I am not Jewish but the rules are pretty much the same for a Christian, we believe that we must follow Our Creator and not man in all things. While we must respect the authorities Our Creator has placed over us, when it conflicts from clear commands from Our Creator as in his WORD (this is Old and New Testament teachings), we must follow Our Creator. Using common sense and not following blindly the lead of those on TV, we can see that there are lies being perpetuated by the news media, led by George Soros, a communist. I wear a mask when I absolutely have to, homemade. I refuse to spend one penny to increase the wealth of those who perpetuate fear to control the population. I respect Rabbi Oliver and he presents much warnings and evidence of the dangers that we are in if we do not wake up soon. He has some excellent sources that have quite a different view, and no agenda, than those who are getting paid to brainwash the public. Please don’t tell on people, that is what the Nazi’s encouraged. This time it is not just the Jews, it is ALL of us. HOW? 5G, vaccines, riots, GMO’s, food grown in laboratories instead of soil, poisons in our water (they are already there). INVESTIGATE. Don’t decide it isn’t true until you actually LOOK. READ DANIEL AND EZEKIAL we are quickly approaching the last days.


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