Opinion: Yes! I Got a Shteller for Next Year

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yeshivaMuch if not all of success stories are attributable to a lucky break. This is true in business, but if you are in chinuch, this is so very true. Many of the newly ordained rabbeim who will be teaching our children next year in classrooms all over the country are first finidng out the good news in August. Many of them will not find out for another week or two.

Why are so many rabbeim jobs given out so late in the summer?

The are a number of reasons given for the delay. Most people think that principals, who are for the most part way overworked during the school year, stagger into the end of June barely catching their breath. They take their well deserved three-week breather, and then first get around to looking ahead to the coming school year.

However, I would just as well attribute it to mazel. Most successful businesses got things off to a roll while catching a lucky break. Either it was a well paying customer who appeared from nowhere, or it was a great deal that came just when it was least expected. These are the siyata diShmayas referred to in the Gemara (Megillah 5b) which are said with regards to business.

The same applies to chinuch jobs as well. Now, when the many prospective candidates for the very few jobs have all but given up hope for having a job in the coming year is when the siyata diShmaya appears. When they have all resigned themselves to another year of sticking it out in kollel which they can’t stand comes the salvation in the form of a “respectable” job (i.e., chinuch).

A word of caution: To all those who recently found out their good luck – Don’t think this is a way of life. From now on, you will have to prove yourself to deserve what you have. The siyata diShmaya was there to get you started. Now its up to you to do a great job that will serve you well in the future.

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  1. Say it like it is, Protektzia, Politics, and Money get these positions. Marrying the “right” families or having the “right” family name, is not called Siyata Dishmaya.

  2. The job market for chinuch jobs in the tri-state area is so so difficult. So many people learning looking to go into chinuch especially at the advanced level with so few jobs available. Is there any forum, website where jobs could be posted & viewed? Any other suggestions?

  3. Here’s another suggestion – move “out-of-town.” There are many fine communities outside the Tristate area. They have kosher food – believe it or not. Many have an eruv. The people are warm and friendly. Some are real Shtadts, not just “shtetlach.” Remember – in a smaller community every Yid counts – so you won’t be lost in the crowd.

    And if you really want to do something for the Klal and for Torah – there are small towns where the communities are struggling to keep day schools going and need the help. They’re not 13th Avenue, but they aren’t an outpost in a third world country either.

    So don’t complain – there are plenty of options. Expand your horizons – there just might be some ruchniusdike gold over that far hill.

  4. There is very few jobs available, and if so there are 500 resumes for those jobs.

    They are not interested in Lakewood men driving to the 5towns, queens, monsey and Jersey for these jobs. What type of rebbe can you be? Never having onegs on shabbos, malava malkas on motzei shabbos, time with bochurim if you have to get into a carpool and in a rush to get home?

  5. Are you having a slow news day that you have to print this trash? –
    Unfortunately, this blogger has a very negative view of Kollel people and casts negative aspersions of them (no, don’t read his blog!).


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