Opposition to Rabbi Shapira’s Arrest for Writing “Torat Hamelech”


rav-yitzchak-shapiraThe Religious Zionist movement has issued a blanket condemnation of the arrest of Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira over the book he authored. Dozens of rabbis, Knesset members, and National Religious public figures have signed a petition against the rabbi’s arrest, claiming that he expressed “a halachic opinion.”

The petition also came out against the manner in which he was arrested – in the middle of the night by dozens of policemen.

Beit El Rabbi Shlomo Aviner told Ynet on Monday that the book “Torat Hamelech” is a “halachic-academic work, a pedagogical work,” and, therefore, there is no justification to send its author to prison.

According to Rabbi Aviner, the “‘religious laws governing the killing of a non-Jew’ outlined in the book are a legitimate stance and must be addressed via clarification of halachic sources and nothing else.”

Despite this, Rabbi Aviner said that he is against the book’s publication. “I do not think it is correct to write various halachas on killing a non-Jew, just a Swede should not write about killing a Norwegian,” he said. “It is clear that it is forbidden to kill non-Jews for naught, and it is clear that in a time of war, it is permissible to defend yourself against anyone shooting at you, even if he is a ‘good’ person.”

Even head of the Tzohar organization, Rabbi David Stav, known as one o the moderate forces within Religious Zionism, condemned Rabbi Shapira’s arrest: “Regardless of the level of halachic legitimacy of his opinions, it is unreasonable and illogical that a rabbi in Israel be treated like the worst of criminals. For some reason, they are treating him in a way they would not dare treat public officials or even Palestinians.”

Rabbi Stav said that he would expect the security forces to contact Shapira and summon him to the police station honorably, and not treat him as someone who is likely to escape and evade investigation.

“Nothing new happened yesterday or today,” he mentioned. “Apparently, it was simply a desire to mock and humiliate him.”

In principle, the Tzohar chairman believes the State has the right to arrest rabbis over their halachic positions if they believe there is significant concern that they may be acted on or could realistically encourage breaking the law so as to prevent “chaos.”

“A distinction must be made between making a theoretical statement and a model for an operative plan of action,” he said. “For this matter, even if it is halachically permissible to kill Arabs, it is the State’s right to arrest whoever says this,” he said.

{Ynet/Matzav.com Israel}


  1. if a million religious Jews would come to Israel NOW, they would have a great impact (for the good) and make it more difficult for things like this to happen. Listen, fellow brothers, I have always told people ” You will all eventually come to Israel, the only question is: “under whose conditions”

  2. Israel is a socialist, pauper of a country and does whatever it wants to its own citizens since they don’t have a Constitution and Bill of Rights. One million more frum Jews won’t change that reality, sorry. You’re all still in galus, but living in the Holy Land. I support its existence and wish them well, but I’m not giving up the greatest country on earth to live in a socialist state the size of New Jersey which can arrest me and beat me at the drop of a hat. Fix your problems, then maybe people will come over. Till then, no way.

  3. Israel is a country that has long been under the hands of cmmunists and irreligious leftists. The Chofetz Chaim identified a connection between the Yevsketzia and the leftist Zionists and this is mamesh apparent today. Very few true good Jewish Israelis have ever been in any positions of power (such as Menachem Begin and his Herut Party, a true hero and enemy of communism whose yahrtzeit is coming up). There must be a new paradigm of capitalism, territorial integrity, and the adoption of RZ views of Kedushas HaAretz, and the adoption of halacha in polic areas immediately.

  4. the zionim are just scared that moshiach is knocking at the door.
    how else could you explain all those attaks against yiddishe menshen lately!

    by the way i have got to get a copy of rav shapiras book!
    it has become such great publicity !

  5. Look at what happened to the last Gaza ship where IDF soldiers were terribly beaten for no reason.
    The mentality of the state is one of lack of self-esteem.
    I know two ex IDF young men, very desired by the IDF leadership (Living here in Crown Heights, who won’t return to the army there.


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