Orlando, FL Welcomes a Torah Day School – Orlando Torah Academy

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orlando-day-schoolBy Berel Steinbrecher

When you hear someone mention Orlando, FL, the immediate thought that pops into your mind is Disney World and Mickey Mouse. What many people are unaware of is that Orlando is home to tens of thousands of Jews. With a very small Orthodox presence, these Jews have been living in a spiritual desert.


Members of the Orlando community, deeply concerned about the high rate of Jewish illiteracy and assimilation, contacted Rabbi Bentzion Chait, Director of the National Torah Initiative of Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim / Rabbinical Seminary of America, for help. Realizing that Judaism cannot flourish without Torah, the committee worked to establish a Jewish Day School, and thus the seeds of Orlando Torah Academy were planted. Rabbi Avraham Wachsman and Rabbi Yehuda Schepansky, both talmidim of Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim of Queens, moved with their families to Orlando to start the school and to build a community. On Monday morning, August 23rd, OTA opened its doors welcoming 12 students in preschool-1st grade.

Orlando Torah Academy hopes to be able to turn these children into the future leaders of Klal Yisroel and to transform the Orlando community into a true Makom Torah.

For more information about OTA or to give a donation, please call 407-536-8156, visit www.orlandotorah.com or email office@OrlandoTorah.com.


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  1. Hatzlachah Rabbah – glad you are there.

    We lived in Orlando from 1990-1994 and ultimately had to leave because we wanted a different kind of Jewish education from what was offered in Orlando at that point. It didn’t go very much past 2nd grade, then, I understand, the school was forced to close for financial reasons. A larger Hebrew Day School that was there also didn’t meet our needs. I wish you guys well.

  2. Hashem should help protect you from the onslaught of whatever sect it may be which tries to avert Torah from landing in any community in the world whenever they can. They don’t always win, keep pushing!

  3. For those who don’t know, Rabbi Dubov, has been a Shliach in Orlando for over twenty years. His shul in Lake Howell, just north of Orlando has a minyan every day.

  4. The Mesiras Nefesh for spreading Torah that these two families show are incredible! Leavig the “comforts” of New York and shlepping their growing families to such a place is truly admirable. May they be matzliach and continue to see the Siyata Dishmaya in all their endeavors.

    Yasher Kochachem!

  5. @fedup11210: Wow. That’s a long time! They surely have touched many lives. I hope that the people they have taught can appreciate the absolute necessity of a Jewish day school education (not just a once-a-week Hebrew school class or visit to kid programs in shul) to truly inculcate children with Torah and ensure Jewish continuity.

    It’s so critical that fledgling day schools be supported by everyone in the frum community. These institutions are often the difference between marginal Jewish affiliation and Torah-true observant lives. I wish much hatzlacha to this new venture (as well as continued success to the various shuls in the area).


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