Pesach Programs Losing Thousands Of Dollars As Orlando Becomes The New Yom Tov Hotspot

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With the rising popularity of Orlando, Florida, as a Pesach destination, many hotel Pesach programs are seeing their business suffer as a result, Kosher Today reports.

While in previous years Pesach programs are already full to capacity this close to Yom Tov, this year magazines and newspapers are still carrying advertisements for several hotel programs desperate to fill their quotas for a profitable Yom Tov. One operator said that he identified more than a dozen of his guests from 2018 who are this year choosing Orlando instead.

Though Orlando does not offer the same amenities as hotel programs, it seems that families feel they are getting a similar vacation experience at lower costs and without having to revolve around a hotel’s schedule.

As reported on Matzav, Orlando is expected to host over 6000 families this Pesach, with over 35,000 Jews making the trip down south. Several minyanim have been set up to host the masses, as well as dozens of businesses based on providing comforts to the vacationers. Several companies are offering to deliver groceries, wine and matza, among other things. Additionally, makeup artists, hair stylists and personal trainers that are going with their families to Orlando have all offered special Yom Tov services for the duration of Pesach to their fellow travelers.




  1. People with money tend to get bored very easily. What was interesting and fun yesterday, today is boring. Hotels were fun and great for a while. Now it’s Orlando. In a few years, Orlando will be an afterthought. What new pleasure can we explore today? Life is about pleasure and enjoyment. Ruchnius and shteiging over a Yom Tov is long gone. Keeping a family Mesorah is long gone. Chinuch habanim is long gone. No one is home anymore to say the Horachamon: Who yishlach lanu bracha miruba bibayis hazeh vial shulchen zeh sheachalnu alav. The table at home remains all alone in a sealed house. No bracha. No neshama. So sad. But yet one is not allowed to criticize anyone anymore. It’s considered insensitive. Just do what you want. If it feels good, do it.

    • There are many businesses run and owned by frum people that cater to those with far more money and far more opulent tastes than I have. Many of today’s biggest ba’alei tzedoka are those business owners and their patrons. B”n I will never wish them anything other than hatzlocha, I will fargin them their financial success, and I will never gloat over their losing money. Oh, and I will be makir tov to those who carry the portion of my kids’ tuition that I can’t afford.

      • you missed my point. I wish everyone success. the people that supply the homes in Orlando, the people that provide the food for the people in Orlando. This is a free country. The article implies that we should somehow feel sorry that there is competition and a cheaper alternative.

  2. Some in this generation and many in the next generation do not know what Pesach really is or how to properly prepare for Pesach or even how to conduct a proper Seder. For years they’ve been taken to various programs, hotels and vacation spots for Pesach. I know many families across the country who are struggling at this time because they just don’t know what to do for Pesach. A family in my area, for example, hired a Rabbi and his family to accompany them to a Pesach program in a hotel for the entire Pesach so that the Rabbi can conduct the Seder and explain to the parents and children what to do. Burich Hashem this guy had the $300,000.00 to waste on this project. He did it because after all the years of going to programs he didn’t know what to do. Now that his children are in Yeshiva they started asking him more than 4 questions. Nebech.
    My parents, o’h came from Mehalovitz, a part of Slovakia that kept many Chumras which I still observe until this day. Pesach is only 8 days in America. There is nothing that you will really miss during this Yom Tov. I have never eaten outside my own home (or my parents home) on Pesach.

  3. Pesach in lancaster by the Greenwald and neger families are sold out for the 10th yr. With 1000 guests It’s only the cheaper programs that are loosing people to cheaper Orlando


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