Orthodox Donor Jack Bendheim Hosts Hillary Clinton Ahead of NY Primaries

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As she was losing the Wisconsin Democratic primary to Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton spent Tuesday evening with top Jewish donors at a fundraiser hosted by Jack Bendheim in Riverdale, NYC, Jewish Insider reports.

The next major contest between Clinton and Sanders in the race for the 2016 Democratic party presidential nomination will be on April 19 in New York.

Bendheim, president and chief executive at Phibro Animal Health Corporation, served as deputy chairman of AIPAC and has deep ties to the Orthodox Jewish community in New York.

In 1999, when Clinton ran for the U.S. Senate in New York, Bendheim served as a bundler and an advisor on Israel. “I basically advised her that the most important thing she could do is to keep promoting the peace process,” Bendheim told the Jewish Week at the time. “He is one of few Orthodox Jews to have a close relationship with Clinton,” the publication wrote. Read more at Jewish Insider.





  1. How stupid could Yidden be to support this Sonai Yisroel. Better to spend their money on feeding the poor for Pesach than giving a nickel to this machsheifa

    • To Mordechai: Whomever Clinton kissed is not indicative of any affection towards the the person she embraced.
      Besides, now that her daughter Chelsea married a Jew, Hillary considers herself kissin’ cousins with all Jews.

  2. May H have rachmonus on our people, and make them unable to host another fundraiser for the dems. Reply omen if agree.


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