Orthodox Jewish Camps Request Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction to Open Camps

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Today, the Association of Jewish Camp Operators (AJCO), took the extraordinary move of requesting a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction to ask the court to immediately open overnight camps in New York State.
AJCO, an umbrella organization formed by Agudath Israel years ago to represent the interests of Orthodox Jewish camps, made its request in the US District Court for the Northern District of New York following the filing of a legal complaint this past Thursday against Governor Cuomo.
Today’s detailed legal submission includes declarations by a leading infectious disease specialist, Dr. Daniel Berman; long-time Agudah camp director and AJCO founder, Rabbi Meir Frischman; esteemed mechanech, Rabbi Avrohom Schwartz, learning director at Camp Romimu; and parental plaintiffs who want their children to benefit from the intensive religious experience of an Orthodox Jewish summer camp.
AJCO is represented by a legal team from the law firm of Troutman Sanders, LLP, led by Avi Schick, Esq. Given the pressing nature of the issue, the team has formally requested a ruling within the week.
Read the full legal document HERE.


  1. They should also stress that the cities have become very dangerous places and the children are safer in the camps from all the chaos going on.

  2. Very unlikely to succeed. Imagine what might happen if the Court grants the request and allows only “Jewish Camps” to open based on the arguments made in the legal papers, and other camps may not open. Not a pretty scene.

    • The argument they made in the court final is that this goes against their constitutional rights to practice religion since these are religious camps.

    • Excellent point. Let’s take it on the chin and bury our heads deep in the sand. Shhhh. Shhhh. Quiet, zie shtill. We wouldn’t want to rile up the goyim. Let’s just continue to pay taxes and get nothing in return. In this way, the goyim will just love us. Let’s be good obedient Jews. Please walk single file to the cattle cars. Showers will be given upon arrival.

    • The arguments made in the lawsuit are geared specifically to orthodox jewish camps. Read the lawsuit. It claims that the Jewish camps provide essential religious instruction and that keeping them closed deprives the kids from their constitutional rights to free exercise of religion. This argument is completely irrelevant to secular camps.
      Again, read the lawsuit. That is the basis of the camps claims.

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