Orthodox Jews Voted 90% for Romney

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romney1As reported by the NY Times:

“Mr. Obama’s worst precincts were in Orthodox Jewish areas like Ocean Parkway and Williamsburg in Brooklyn and Kew Gardens Hills in Queens. In a few precincts in Borough Park, Brooklyn, Mr. Romney won more than 90 percent of the vote” (NY Times).

There was even one precinct in Gravesend Brooklyn, home to Sephardic Jews, where Romney won by an incredible 97%.

At the link above, there’s a map showing which areas of NYC went which way. You can see a swath of red in Brooklyn which represents the Jewish parts of Brooklyn.

But unfortunately, the “elite,” liberal Jews of the Upper West Side look like they went as strongly for Obama as the Jews of Brooklyn went for Romney.


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  1. All the people I spoke to in Flatbush voted Romney. I couldn’t even find one Obamanik. I heard it was the same in Crown Heights.

    What a shame we end up with this zero all over again. I hope he takes this to heart. He seemed to do well with Israel now telling them they can defend themselves (what a shocker there). Maybe he is waking up to the reality that the orthodox are sick of him.

  2. Note that 10% didn’t. And what’s “elite” about the Upper West Side? Last time I was there they looked like plain old Orthodox Jews to me.

  3. “Orthodox Jewish area like Ocean Parkway”?! Ocean Parkway is a Street, not a town.

    See how out of touch, the NYT is? Frum neibourhood’s are Midwood, Flatbush, Kensington, Marine Park, etc… Williamsburg was split. Not all, voted for Romney.

    What about Lakewood? Do they have the final #’s there?

  4. Hurray for the religious Jews of Brooklyn for voting overwhelmingly for Mitt Romney. He is the President of Borough Park, Kew Gardens, and Williamsburg.

  5. I am so sad that Romney is not our president today that I have renounced the political affiliation of every jew in history just to show G-d that we are really the ones who know what is right for us. I mean, if G-d gave us Obama, how are we to live as jews? I can not see an Obama presidency giving us anything other than decency and dignity and we really just wanted conscripted lies. This is a horrible era.

  6. I repeat – an Orthodox Jew is an Orthodox Jew is an Orthodox Jew. Upper West Side, Lower East Side, Brooklyn, Queens and yes, even out-of-town. Republican, Democrat, Chassidic, Yeshivish. Let’s stop splitting ourselves into factions. Your shechita, my shechita, their shechita, what group puts out what hechsher, what sidduer you daven out of – it’s all toifel. We’re one people.

  7. The word “unfortunately” takes this article away from being news and into being one-sided propaganda. I prefer protocol and professionalism from my preferred news sources.

  8. I would only be “meshuga” if I voted Romney. I voted Obama and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness goes on for the next few years. Amen!

  9. My mostly-Orthodox neighborhood in the Bronx also voted for Obama. (The Bronx as a whole voted 91% for Obama with only some old Irish and Italian neighborhoods voting for Romney.) Nationwide, the Republican Jewish Coalition exit poll showed Obama carrying Orthodox Jews by 48% to 44% and a different exit poll showed an even larger margin. “unfortunately” is an editorial comment not shared by most frum Jews.

  10. #16 – Charlie, where can I find this poll? It seems a little curious, considering that most of the Orthodox I know are very vocal Republicans.


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