Orthodox Josh Mandel Looks for Final Surge to Land Ohio Senate for GOP


josh-mandel1Sen. Sherrod Brown raised more than $5.4 million in the third quarter, his campaign announced Monday, as the Ohio Democrat faces a determined challenge from tea party favorite Josh Mandel.

Money matters a lot in this race, which both parties see as a key battleground in the war for control of the Senate. Ohio’s 20 electoral votes ended up going to Barack Obama in 2008, but it a crucial swing state this election season.

Mandel, 35, has been called a “boy wonder of Republican politics” by RealClearPolitics. He reported raising $4.5 million in the third quarter. He also has received generous support from outside groups anxious to unseat Brown, whom he has labeled “the most liberal senator in America.”

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  1. We in Lakewood had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Mandel a few months back. He truly represents old school American values. Hard work, less taxes, and family. He served and finished #1 in his military intelligence unit.

    Sherrod Brown represents Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.
    George Soros just sent a huge cash infusion to Brown. They are very scared he will lose.

    Ohio is a major battleground state for the presidential election. We hope Josh makes a Kiddush Hashem across his state, and across this great country.

  2. To # 7

    Josh Mandel is a Captain in the US Marine Corps. He served 2 Tours in Iraq as a Armor Company Commander leading Tanks in Combat against enemy forces.He is an Armor Officer not Military Intelligance.


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