Orthodox Nurses Address Vaccine Concerns

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Dear Matzav.com,

As the Matzav readership is surely aware, there have been Measles outbreaks in multiple frum communities in the past several months, which have been linked to a primary outbreak in Israel. Experts have stated that the reason these outbreaks continue to flourish is due to a significant lack of vaccination in our communities.

The Orthodox Jewish Nurses Association (OJNA) is a professional organization of Orthodox nurses from across the globe, who have recently undertaken a major effort to address these concerns, on individual and group levels. Many parents are fearful of vaccines, and many questions have been raised as to the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

Good parents ask questions and are interested in seeking the best care for their children. We are available by phone and in person to listen to your concerns, answer questions and provide information and support. Matzav readers can reach us at ojnaboard@gmail.com to set up an individual or group information session.


The Orthodox Jewish Nurses Association



  1. More fake news. No names. No signatures. No taking responsibility. Just some immature scribbled nonsense. This is Matzav’s daily dose of sheker to try to whip up the gullible dummies amongst us.

  2. FACT 1:The poskei Hador in America( R’ Dovid)and in EY ( Elyasiv ) both pasken that one should vaccinate.

    (Comment, MOST of the other major poskim agree. If there is a a chashuve rav who doesn’t, their daas is בטל to the giants or they are a. דעת יחיד)

    FACT 2 : The overwhelming majority of the medical experts also are pro the MMR vaccine.

    (Comment, This includes many Frum doctors, who have spent their lives doing chessed for the community caring more about fellow yidden than what the medical field preaches or than their personal financial gain)

    FACT 3: the overwhelming majority of our community feels that on should give their kids MMR Vaccines.

    (Comment, among those are many who don’t “believe” conventional medicine, who don’t take things at face value, who think critically and independently, and still reach the avouve conclusion).

    I challenge any ANTI to dispute the above facts.

  3. Can the writer give us to understand the following: If vaccinating is so good, why do adults who got the double vaccinations as children contract measles today? Either the vaccinations are garbage or one has to keep vaccinating every few years as long as you live to keep your immunity live.

    Smart parents let their young children contract the measles and then have a lifelong immunity.

      • 99% children get the measles at a very young age. All those who were infected got the vaccination twice – approx. at age 2 and age. Check your facts before posting.


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