Orthodox Rabbi to Advise Israel Ambassador Friedman

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The State Department reports that Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone, the Orthodox Regional Director of New York NCSY, will take on an advisory position at the US Embassy in Israel.

A Yeshiva University alumnus, Lightstone has been active in the New York and Long Island education field over the past decade, most recently as chief creative officer and cofounder of Mekorot Education, an organization modernizing the delivery of Jewish education online.

Lightstone shares ties with both US President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, as well as to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“A businessman at heart but a klal (community) person in reality, Rabbi Lightstone infuses his entrepreneurial spirit in all of his programs,” his bio on the Orthodox Union website reads. “Over the past five years, his programs have gained the acclaim of the likes of Ivanka Trump, Sen. Joseph Lieberman and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office, among many others.”

Lightstone will work alongside newly confirmed David Friedman.





  1. I don’t like Americans telling israel what to do. Move here and see what we see and are. I Like the song little old lady from Pasadena I think Jan and Dean recorded it in the ’60’s.

  2. I can’t think of a more impressive Haskama. His “university” and institutional affiliations also make him the most ideal person in the universe for this honorarium. Or is this belated Purim satire re shtadtlanus?

    Why has this been ignored by the rest of the media? And not even a Trumptweet??!!

    All letzyonis aside, this is exactly why matzav/com is such an asset.


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