Orthodox Synagogue In Harrisburg Defaced With Swastika

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Police in Harrisburg, Pa., are investigating the vandalism of a local synagogue.

Swastikas were spray-painted on the exterior of Kesher Israel Synagogue, an Orthodox congregation. The graffiti was removed shortly after it was found on Monday.

“Nobody wants to think of their spiritual home, where they go for a peaceful religious experience, to gain inspiration, as being attacked and vandalized at night, but thank God nobody was hurt,” the synagogue’s rabbi, Elisha Friedman, told CBS affiliate WHP-TV.

Law enforcement and the FBI are looking into the incident.

Democratic State Rep. Patty Kim responded harshly to the incident.

“Graffiti and vandalism will not be tolerated and I reject the hatred these symbols represent. While this may be an isolated incident, we cannot allow this behavior to become routine,” she tweeted. “Everyone has a role to play in combating bigotry. I’ve reached out to the congregation to see how my office can be supportive during this fearful and infuriating time.”




  1. Litvishe,Rav Eliezer silver ztl was the first Rav of this shul before we left to Cincinnati, OH later on his son Rabbi David Silver ztl left Cincinnati to become the Rav of the shul. I met him back in the summer of 1997 a number of months before he passed away. he was 90 years old at the time. The shul is not far from Hershey Park,many people go daven there when they stay for a few days or less.

  2. Rabbi Friedman is a distinguished talmid chacham and a baal middos tovos. I wish him and everyone in Harrisburg well. I have davened there many times when I was in the area for work.


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