Ostreicher Was Dropped in International Waters

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yanky-ostreicherMrs. Chaya Gitty Weinberger, a daughter of Yanky Ostreicher, relates that after unknown parties in Bolivia kidnapped and held her father for ransom, the kidnappers spoke to Aaron Ostreicher, Yanky’s brother, who negotiated with them and paid their fee.

Yanky was then dropped off in international waters in the Pacific Ocean yesterday and was then taken to an undisclosed location – believed to be Los Angeles – in the United States.

Yanky’s children, as of this writing, have not yet spoken to him.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Weird! Boruch haShem he’s free but no weird novelist could even dream such a story! Perhaps Sean Penn will make a movie especially since he’s gonna claim credit!
    Remember Lincoln’s adage, “Success has many fathers – failure is an orphan!”

  2. No matter that truth is stranger than fiction B’H he is back in the USA unless of course Bolivia asks for him back and the government (US) gives him back C’V (UNLIKELY BUT THEN AGAIN . . . .)


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