OU and RCA Issues Guidelines on Reopening Shuls

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This afternoon, the Orthodox Union and the Rabbinical Council of America are issuing the following guidlines to shuls and communities regarding reopening.

The document below presents thirteen principles to guide the decisions and planning of OU/RCA shuls and communities throughout the country. They focus primarily on the eventual reopening of communal davening.


  1. Countless shuls have already re-opened or have never closed in the first place. These are very extremist guidelines, considering that NO ONE is makpid to stay away 6 feet from other people when in the store (do you throw the money at the cashier) or when walking in the street, subway, park.

    • Michael:GThe OLU and the RCA does not speak for Klal Yisroel. No shul or community is required to follow their guidelines.

    • Yes, perhaps that is why so many have died. Are you oblivious? Many Shomray Mitzvos, Ye’rayim U’shlay’mim have died. Would you like to tell this to the grieving families? HUNDREDS of them! Hashem Yerachem.

        • No one said they died or caught it in shuls. However, they caught it SOMEWHERE! Since when can we ignore safek pikuach nefashos r”l? There is nothing extreme with these guidelines. They are the minimum. Stop fooling yourself, and anyone else foolish enough to take you seriously.

  2. The Aguda also wrote guidelines for reopening of Shuls. There are a few differences between the two but הצד השווה בהם is that is that no shuls may even think of opening until the gov paskens that it’s safe.


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