OU Issues Statement On Passage of NY Same-Gender Bill

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ou-emblem2The following statement was released by the Orthodox Union in response to New York’s new same-gender law:

Consistent with our tradition and Jewish religious principles, we oppose the redefinition of marriage and the state sanction of same [gender] marriages. We opposed this legislation and believe it is a mistake to enact it in New York.

We do note however that the legislation, as enacted, includes robust protections of religious liberties for organizations including synagogues, schools and social service agencies. For that at least, we are grateful. Just as we, in a democratic, pluralistic society do not seek to impose our religious beliefs on others, same [gender] marriage, now the law in New York, must not infringe on anyone’s religious liberties. Sadly, in too many states, those acting on their religious beliefs have seen government benefits withheld, government funds, contracts and services denied and privileges such as tax exemptions revoked. New York’s law ensures that will not happen here and employers, social service providers and houses of worship are free to uphold their faith.

We are particularly thankful to the well meaning and passionate advocates on both sides of this issue who recognized the need for such far reaching exemptions. In particular, we thank Governor Cuomo, a staunch supporter of the bill and Senate Majority Leader Skelos, a firm opponent, who worked together to find common ground here. As well, we are grateful to Speaker Silver for agreeing to take up the legislation a second time in the Assembly to ensure these protections were in the final legislation.

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  1. What an outragous left wing pandering statement! Praise for Silver, Coumo, and Skelos?!!! As Frum Jews we should condemn these disgusting individual’s in the strongest terms!

    We are lost as a Holy Nation!

  2. We are particularly thankful to the well meaning and passionate advocates on both sides of this issue

    How can they be “thankful” to “passionate advocates on both sides of this issue”?!?

  3. Calm down everyone. If you simply read the letter, you will see that he is thanking everyone involved on both sides of the issue FOR THE RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS TO THE NEW LAW. Just read.


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