OU, RCA, NCYI Call for Increased Limud HaTorah in Support of IDF

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gemara-learningAt time of great peril, when the Jewish people are under attack, Jews everywhere support those who defend them on the front lines through prayer, charity, and Torah study. For those of us living in the Diaspora, our charitable support of the Israel Defense Forces and our heartfelt prayers for their success and safety are joined with increase in our study of Torah.

The Gemara, Makkos 10a, states, “Rav Yehoshua b. Levi said: What is the meaning of the words, ‘Our feet stood within your gates, O Yerushalayim’ (Tehillim 122:2)? What helped us to maintain our firm foothold in war? The gates of Yerushalayim — the place where students engaged in the study of Torah!”

The Rabbinical Council of America, the Orthodox Union, and the National Council of Young Israel call upon all Jews to increase their Torah study as spiritual support and merit for those Israeli soldiers and civilians on the front line of battle. Specifically, the RCA calls upon its members to convene special shiurim, lectures and classes, in their communities on this Wednesday and Thursday, 7th and 8th of Kislev (November 21-22, 2012), dedicated to the support of the IDF and the State of Israel.

In the merit of our increased study of Torah, may we merit the promise recorded in the Gemara in Sotah 21a, that the study of Torah protects and rescues those who engage in it.

The learning program is one element of the larger efforts to provide chizuk to our beleaguered brothers and sisters in Israel. That effort will include a financial campaign, and a solidarity visit by the RCA President and Vice-President along with along with American Jewish leaders and representatives from the OU and Young Israel.

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  1. What about “The Rabbinical Council of America, the Orthodox Union, and the National Council of Young Israel calling upon all Jews” for
    Learning L’Shmah?


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