OUT OF SCHOOL: Over 90 Girls in Lakewood Still Without Placement

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Over 90 girls in Lakewood, NJ remain without school just a week before the start of September. These girls had previously attended Ateres Tziporah Girls School, which closed down. Parents have been trying to get into existing schools, but have not been successful for a number of reasons, including the fact that virtually all other schools are overfilled. In addition, many school offices are closed due to the summer recess.

Rumors that some parents are looking into homeschooling or to bussing their children to schools in other locales are thus far unsubstantiated.

Just one year after it was saved from being forced to close its doors because of financial issues thanks to the generosity of philanthropist Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, Ateres Tzipora, which had an enrollment of 180 girls in primary through eighth grade, announced one month ago that it is shuttering its doors due to finances.

For many years, Ateres Tzipora was supported by two families whose daughters attended the school. Eventually, those girls moved on to high school and Ateres Tzipora needed to find new funding. Since then, the school teetered. It all came to a head last year with the approach of the 2019 school year. The school would not be able to open as the fiscal challenge was just too great to overcome. It was then that the aforementioned R’ Rechnitz stepped in. At the time, he committed himself to providing the funding to ensure that Ateres Tziporah would open for the 2018 school year in a timely fashion. At the time, Ateres Tzipora agreed to take in 20 students who were slated to attend Ateres Bais Yaakov, a school that had recently closed.

A month ago, however, the school’s financial difficulties and operational challenges became too overwhelming to be surmounted and the school announced that it will cease to exist.

Ateres Tzipora was a student’s home away from home known for its warmth and acceptance. Ateres Tzipora menaheles Mrs. Shulamith Insel ensured that Ateres Tzipora wasn’t a cookie cutter institution, but an all-inclusive mosad that embraced every talmidah with open arms. Every girl was nurtured in order to maximize her potential, and it made no difference what background she comes from.

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  1. Are there not enough wealthy heimisha Yidden to help this school. Here in Brooklyn we have mega rich low profile multi millionaires with hundreds of millions of dollars. It does not make sense.

  2. I have been asking whether there is still a possibility to raise funds with a campaign to keep the school going. If everyone just gave $50 it would potentially save them for a few years. Is this still a possibility? Anyone from the school know?

    • You can thank the vaxxers for that. Those idiots saw that the hamon am were educating themselves on the potential dangers of vaccines and refused to get vaccinated, so they found an aitza to force them. Be a maaser to the State of New York. Have them change the laws, removing religious exemption’s, and here we are. You idiots not only allowed, but encouraged our government to strip us of all our freedoms. You, who were maaser, are the rodfim.

      • Why should a sane parent inject their child with dangerous chemicals causing their child to, at best, kill their immune system and, at worst, become autistic and brain damaged?

      • Maaser is tattling to the government about specific individuals in specific circumstances and without the permission of Beis Din. This b’chlal has nothing to do with mesira, and you are just an amaretz.

  3. The following is a Letter from another site:

    “The biggest tragedy here that the parents in particular and the community in general allowed the school to close down knowing quite well that many girls will not have a school.
    When the school was in trouble last year some outsider bailed them out. That may of been very nice on his end. But the parents, whose children’s education depends on this school, let the school close just like a ‘for profit’ business, until the bailout??
    “And now you have ‘taa’roo’mous’ on other schools?? Where were you when the issue was not so intense? Money ?? You, the parents, could not go out there and raise the funds by ‘hook or by crook’?? You wouldn’t let your family down like that ??

    “I’m not saying that the other schools should not ‘pitch in’ now. But don’t complain about others and blame your problems on them.
    “How about YOU starting a school? You already have 90 students. Oh. Its too hard. Oh.I don’t have time. (for own children!) Oh. I’m not in chinuch. Oh. This. Oh. That. ”

    I don’t know if they are right but its another angle on this tragic and sad situation.

  4. Copycat, I am not sure where your logic is coming from. If these families had no money to save the school where do you think they will get the money to start a new one?!

  5. Oh please. Schools open, schools close. This has been happening since the dawn of civilization. Nothing new. GET OVER IT. Get off your high horse. Put your ego in your pocket. Send your daughter to a different school. Send to a more modern school. Send to a Lubavitcher school. Send to Ptach. Send to Ichud. There are plenty of yeshivos/schools to send your children. The problem is, your personal kavod will take a hit. BIG DEAL! Poor baby. So your daughter won’t be able to marry a Rosh Yeshiva’s son. Oh my G-d, that’s the end of the world. You’ll have to wear a paper bag over your head for the rest of your miserable life. Seriously?! Are you that immature?!

    • You sound so foolish. I’m responding because there may be some people that may belive your insane words. Yes, schools open and schools close, but then what? How can you put a girl from a chasidishe background into a modern school, or a child that score 90’s on his test into ptach or Ichud. This usually has nothing to do with the ego’s of the parents. The only one with the egos perhaps are the ones running the mosdos that don’t want to accept good girls or boys. There may be some parents who insist to go a certain school, but my personal experience has been that the schools only want mitzuyanim. This leaves everyone else being dumped into level two or level three yeshivos. And then you wonder why we have kids dropping out of our system.

  6. This is the type of thing that there is really nothing I can do about than say a tefilah for all girls involved.

    I will do so. For them and all other Yiddisher Kinder who have no Torah school to go to.

  7. I believe it boils down to 1 word. “Mismanagement”. I am sure everyone had the right intentions and everyone on staff are wonderful people, however you must have some business background.

  8. I am betting that not ONE of the 90 girls without schools is either:

    1) The daughter of a well-known Rav or Rosh Yeshiva, or
    2) The daughter of a givir who donates large sums of money to Torah institutions.

    Haredi and Hasidic Judaism has become a world of the haves and the have-nots.

    Woe to us.

  9. Out of the 180 girls 90 remain without a school to go to. What the article fails to explain is why those 90 are having such a hard time getting a school to accept them. And the reason is, that as the article states at Ateres Tzipora it made no difference to the school what background a girl came from. However most other schools care greatly about the background a girl comes from because they are concerned about a girl being a bad influence on the rest of the school.

    • bad influence? can you tell which person is destined for greatness? nu…? what ruler do you measure with? whose to say a girl who is “a bad influence” will not go on to raise the next Godal Hador. but now faced without a school the jewish people will suffer.
      tell me since girls schools are an innovation themselves. what halachic justification is their for being picky? it’s one thing for boys but why for girls?

    • That may be true but when a Yid is in Tzar that is not what you tell them.

      Also I don’t believe that ALL girls in Ateres Tzipora are coming from a background that would be unacceptable to other Lakewood schools barring space constraints.

    • And to this comment all that needs to be remembered is Rav Shteinman banging his fist on the table saying Gaivah gaivah gaivah

    • Bad influence!!!! The only bad influence is from the egomaniacs running the schools who are worried about their bottom line in money, but mainly that some of these boys and girls will take their average down.

    • I wear a polo shirt when I play basketball and I don’t wear my regular hat when it’s pouring outside if I don’t have an umbrella with me. Would my child be accepted into your ideal school/Yeshiva? I do wear Shabbos clothing on Chal Hamoed even when we go on a hike.

    • See Brett Gardner’s comments above:

      Brett Gardner August 27, 2019 at 12:02 pm
      I am betting that not ONE of the 90 girls without schools is either:

      1) The daughter of a well-known Rav or Rosh Yeshiva, or
      2) The daughter of a givir who donates large sums of money to Torah institutions.

      Haredi and Hasidic Judaism has become a world of the haves and the have-nots.

      Woe to us.

    • Apparently it’s only non yeshivishe families that have children who struggle in Yeshivos. Only they have shvache kep and can’t haltz kup. If you’re from the well connected yichusdik mishpacha, everything runs smooth and getting and staying into the best Yeshivos is never a challenge. If you’re a connected mishpacha, then you’re allowed to enjoy the benefits of a wealthy life and all the perks that come along with it. Everyone else gets what they deserve.

  10. Only for those that don’t dwell in תורת הבעש”ט can deal with the thought of 90 נשמות being left out in the cold


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