Outrage at Professor for Speaking of Menachem Begin’s Mental Illness

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Yerushalayim’s Begin Heritage Center is outraged at Prof. Avinoam Reches, who treated Menachem Begin when he was prime minister, for speaking of the leader’s alleged psychological problems, Jerusalem Post reported.

When Begin resigned in 1983 after the chaotic First Lebanon War and the death of his wife, Aliza, he publicly stated, “I cannot go on any longer.” Amid reports that he was suffering from depression, he lived in a rented apartment in isolation until his death in 1992.

Reches revealed that Begin also had mental issues while still serving as prime minister. He claimed that Begin received hormonal treatment that negatively impacted his functioning as a prime minister, adding that treatment for Begin’s depression may have led to bipolar disorder, a condition characterized by alternating manic and depressive moods.

In response to the Begin Heritage Center’s demand for clarification, Reches said that Begin’s precarious mental health was an open secret for decades and that all he said had already been already publicized. Besides, he said, the public has a right to know the state of health of its national leaders.

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  1. Bottom line he was the most sincere dedicated pm the country ever had he cared About Jews and didn’t have the complex of Jewish guilt for defending Jewish lives

  2. Good case. Negative grades must be checked.

    Yireh says knowing he was an ill mind is care for others.

    No one gets off this planet alive. Hashem has an art.

  3. And the leftist leaders who made serious errors and dangerous concessions were mentally healthy?

    Give me a break.

    Begin was a בריסקער איד, who was מרגיש עמוק בצרותיהן של ישראל, he felt tzoros deeply.

  4. “the leader’s alleged psychological problems”

    The word alleged should be in the headline here as well.


  5. Well, Begin came in as right wing guy, yet made Oslo(and the consequent decades of triumph of the islamonazi terrorism) possible by accepting a premise that there is such entity as “palestinian” people and that foreign powers can interfere in the Israeli internal issues, as was evident in the Sinai fiasco. So who knows, Begin might have been physiologically unstable.


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