Outrage Over Czech Bus Advertising Auschwitz Vacation Tour

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Jewish groups and Holocaust survivors are outraged over a bus in the Czech Republic advertising a satirical holiday tour of the Auschwitz death camp.

The double-decker tour bus is emblazoned with the camp’s notorious sign “Arbeit Macht Frei” along with a Star of David and images of Jewish holocaust victims. Text along the side of the vehicle suggests visitors should “Come to Auschwitz — A journey through emotions. Our guides speak Czech!”

The bus was used as a prop in an old satirical film by Czech director Vit Klusak, who looked at Eastern Europe’s emerging Holocaust industry, according to the Times of Israel. After the film wrapped production, the bus was sold to a local tour company that refused to remove the images.

Prague Jewish Museum Director Leo Pavlat has asked that the images be removed, but the owner of the bus, Svatopluk Xaver, said he couldn’t afford the cost of repainting the bus and removing the decorations.

Holocaust survivor Erika Bezdickova, whose entire family was murdered at Auschwitz, told the Daily Mail she was “appalled” at the site of the bus.

“I think that only a person with no moral decency could make a business out of the Auschwitz catastrophe,” she said. JNS.ORG



  1. Gun average to think safe. The world can see that maybe we should just paint a picture of the Bismarck on the Polish Mall Face and see if they realize that they were conquered by Hitler and had no clue how to even consider their own fate. Might be the justice of human kind.

    Scary to think that the ignorant hate of jews and envy for our consideration of holocaust issues is so large that the pain to make such a display was so carefully hateful. Only in the world where evil always has its terrible event. Thus we say Never Again.

  2. This is so ignorantly evil that one can only call it the Shudder Mobile with the Shudder Fractured Minded Cancer of Poland.

    Safe to bet that the Poles do not even know that the Bismarck was a battleship.

  3. With all due respect, how is this any different than unzera when they advertise going to Europe on a kever hopping tour?! The tour groups advertise on this very site, Matzav.com. don’t try to deny or censor my comment because it doesn’t fit your websites MO. This Rav going to this town. That Rav going to that town. This dynamic speaker going to this village. Etc….. The only difference is that the heimisha tour groups don’t put pictures or comments about Auschwitz even though it’s one of their “stops” along their “tour”. My Rav gets very angry and upset about FRUM Yidden going there to tour and “reflect”. He says if a person does go there and doesn’t literally faint on the stop, is missing a Yiddisheh neshama! The streets of Europe are soaked with Yiddisheh blood and these fools go “touring” and have their picture taken with a “stern” look. Pheh!

    • I would think that an evil manner of the gentiles in Europe is very damned for our feelings. The world can see it is not humor.

    • It shouldn’t be necessary to explain the difference between going to pay respects and/or mourn four our murdered brethren versus going to tour and gape as if at a tourist attraction.
      The churban in Europe is as much a part of our history as the destructions of Bayis Rishon and Bayis Sheini are.


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