OUTRAGE: Spirit Airlines Blames Parents for Today’s Incident, Continues to Lie, Then Pulls Fallacious Tweet

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A family of four flying from Orlando to Atlantic City today was asked to exit the plane after their 2-year-old refused to put on a face mask, as Matzav.com first reported earlier today, but Spirit Airlines has now disputed those claims, despite video showing that Spirit’s staff was clearly in the wrong in this outrageous incident, another failure of the constantly-under-attack airlines.

A spokesperson for the airline claimed to Newsweek that on two separate occasions prior to departure, the parents were not wearing their masks correctly, which was why they were asked by cabin crew to disembark. Passengers on the flight tell Matzav.com that this is an outright lie.

“We were sitting there the entire time,” said one passenger. “This is an example of the airline trying to climb out of a hole it created for itself.

Video from today shows the two-year-old sitting in her mother’s lap while eating a Mehadrim yogurt, when a flight attendant tells the mother that they will have to deplane.

“I told you. Non-compliance, will have to get off,” the attendant is heard saying in the video. “I didn’t want to do this.”

When the father asks the attendant why they’re being told to get off the plane, the attendant says, “Non-compliance with the masks.”

The parents, who were wearing masks, point out that they are wearing masks.  They asked who the stewardess is referring to. The stewardess then points to the child. When the mother asks, “The baby?” the attendant nods and says yes.

Other passengers chime in, saying that there are other children on the plane not wearing masks.

Under Spirit Airlines’ face mask policy, children under the age of two are exempt from wearing a mask.

“Guests who choose not to comply with our face covering requirement will lose future flight privileges with Spirit,” the policy reads.

The spokesperson told Newsweek that while the video makes it seem like the family was being asked to leave because of the child, the decision was made in response to the parents’ actions.

Again, this is a straight falsity, as passengers on the flight attest.

The Jewish family that was targeted lives in Toms River and was heading back to New Jersey and spending Yom Tov in Orlando.

The stewardess, who ignored the fact that the family has a 6-year-old special needs child, told them, “Exit out of the aircraft or I’ll have to deplane the aircraft and call the police.”

When the father refused, asking for an explanation, the rude attendant informs them she is contacting the authorities.

Spirit later said that after the family talked to a supervisor and agreed to comply with the company’s face mask policy, they left on the same flight they intended to go on.

Spirit’s blaming of the parents was also made in a posting on Twitter that was removed a short time later, as the airline continues to play games with the public and with its clientele, obviously hiding the truth.

In another video first posted by Matzav.com, the mother tells the person filming, “Seven months pregnant with a special-needs kid on a flight, trying to get [a mask] on her. She’s refusing to keep it on but we’ll all have to be kicked off…”

“Baby that just turned 2,” the father later states. “I could have got her a free seat and wrote that she’s not 2—she just turned 2—but I paid for her seat because I’m honest.”

Spirit Airlines has rightfully been widely criticized on social media.

Spirit is also denying that the flight attendant who left the plane was the one who flagged the family’s non-compliance to begin with.. Spirit says that this did not happen and that while there are videos of the attendant and police walking in the same direction, the attendant was leaving because they were swapped out in a staffing decision after the flight’s two-hour delay.

And so the funny business at Spirit continues.



  1. They’re public relations department is in the toilet. Totally unprofessional. Amateur, 3rd grade level. This is a long pattern of abuse and not caring about their paying costumers. For those who are old enough to remember, Spirit took over where Tower Air left off. At this point, only a real loh yutzlach in life EVER flies with Spirit or Frontier. There is NO excuse ever, to fly with Spirit or Frontier.

    • That’s not true. Obviously, since their prices are often so much lower than everyone else, there is ample reason to go with them.

  2. People, flying is like being temporarily in a police state and you MUST comply with whatever you are told. If you dont like it, dont fly. Boycott Spirit Airlines if you want. This bickering is beneath us.

  3. All this flying to Florida during a pandemic creates התגרות באומות we can’t expect not to have these fallouts

  4. the little girl in question was eating!!! how do u eat with a mask on… it is ridiculous to make a 2 year old comply. Shame on them!! I have not flown with spirit since they charge for a carryon. FEH


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