Over 100 People Dead From The Measles In The Phillipines As Anti Vaxxers Continue To Spread Misinformation

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The Philippine health secretary says 136 people, mostly children, have died of measles and 8,400 others have been sickened in an outbreak blamed partly on recent vaccination fears.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said Monday a massive immunization drive that started last week in hard-hit Manila and four provincial regions may contain the outbreak by April. Duque said a government information drive is helping restore public trust in the government’s immunization program, which was marred in 2017 by an anti-dengue vaccine made by French drugmaker Sanofi which was blamed for the deaths of at least three children.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the anti-vaccination movement one of 2019’s top 10 health threats, saying that measles cases have risen globally by 30 per cent, though not all of these cases are attributable to vaccine hesitancy.

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  1. This is from AP FAKE NEWS to scare you with this baloney story since people are becoming anti-vaxxers en masse. Only fools would believe it. Before MMR vaccinations were invented in 1963 almost no children died.

  2. Actually, they didn’t vaccinate bec. over 100 children died from the Dengue Vaccine.

    “The justice department filed criminal charges against more than 30 health officials for the deaths of about 100 children which a probe by the Public Attorney’s Office had linked to Dengvaxia.”


    • I don’t understand your point. If you mean that politics in these countries leads to rushed and incompetent actions, you are correct. The year the Dengue vaccine began in the Philippines was an election year. The vaccine had not even been approved by WHO at the time, and not even properly tested in private practice. This was the first country-wide vaccination program for the vaccine and it was rushed beyond sense. The proper way to administer the vaccine was only to those who had already been affected by the disease, but such filtering of recipients takes time and money, and for political expediency it was “rushed” to everyone. Despite all that, the risk was minimal, but the anti-vaxers organized a very large scare campaign alleging 830,000 were exposed to harm. It was orchestrated by propaganda from anti-vaxers to an uneducated population who then avoided other vaccines as well. The 18 OTHER countries did not suspend the vaccine.

  3. A logical thinking person would ask themselves 2 questions:
    1) Why are droves of people stopping to vaccinate? What do they know that I don’t know?
    2) Why do those who’ve received double dosage of vaccinations contract measles?

    • and yet doctors vaccinate their families. so who knows better. an internet blog or doctors. do you ask your shailas to the pope?

  4. This has nothing to do with the so-called anti vaxxers crowd. Matzav trying yet again to cause machlokes and sinas chinam amongst its readership. For shame!

  5. What percent of the measles cases in Monsey were already vaccinated?

    A: 75%

    How many people died in the US from all the recent outbreaks?

    A: None.


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